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I saw The Beach Boys on Friday! It the only after-work commitment I had last week that I was actually wanting to go to (I had five others between Tuesday and the weekend that I was much less inclined to show up at, but did anyway). I’m actually not 100% sure which Beach Boys I saw, apart from Mike Love, because I found one article that said “Mike Love & co.” And their lead guitarist was a young guy who was also their musical director. But the other two, no clue. Anyway. There was some amusing jokes made about us coming out to see a washed-up rock band, and that they were old men singing about girls at the beach. But it was a fun night out, even if I was rather jealous that I was feeling like it was bedtime well before they were and I’m a lot younger than them. So! Without further ado, some fun Beach Boys material:

Feel free to join us for more MMM over at the linky. Thanks to Rose for hosting. ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Emily


3 thoughts on “#MMM – Surfin’ USA – #mondayblogs

    • Emily Witt says:

      Being, *cough*, three years younger than Mary-Kate and Ashley, I never saw it the first time around, but other half has several of the DVDs, so I am getting my education. I feel like 80s/90s sitcoms were far better than the stuff on today. (Says she with a passing knowledge of what actually is on today’s television, admittedly).

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