ROW80 Check-in – 08 November 2015

row80Once again, it’s Sunday. The weeks fly by far too quickly these days. Sunday means a ROW80 check-in. You can read more about ROW80 at the end of this post. For now, here are my goals, and how I went with them this week.

  • Write at least one page in notebook or 100 words on the laptop every week day. Consolidate this on the weekends.

I did this every day during the week, as well as yesterday. I’m on the downhill run with Operation: Sugarplum now, which means I’ve had a couple of days with really good word counts. Also, since uni is now done, I’m going to up this goal to 2 pages in the notebook or 200 words on the laptop. It may not happen this week, as I’m quite busy, but things settle down a bit after that, so we’ll see how it goes. I’m also going to try writing first thing of a morning, starting this week. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages, but I’ve got my partner in on it now, and he won’t let me snooze the alarm more than once.

  • Write one book review a week and queue them up on the blog.

I didn’t finish any books to review this week, but I finished one this afternoon and will finish a second after I finish this post, so I’ll get them ready this coming week.

Also, I decided to alter my blog schedule to have a review go up every Friday, rather than alternate Fridays. I’ve got four scheduled at the moment, so I hope I’ll be able to keep ahead.

  • Spend one evening and one weekend afternoon on uni work.

I did this, and I have finished uni for the year! No more studying til February!

  • Send three Postcrossing cards per week/maintain maximum total cards traveling.

I’ve written three out just now and I’ll put them in the post tomorrow.

  • Ride bike to work or walk into the city after work at least three times a week.

I walked twice this week. I was planning on riding my bike to church this morning, except then I slept in and only got up about half an hour before the service (I was at a late movie session last night and it was past midnight when I got home). Now that uni is done and I’m not trying to get to work super-early so  I can leave super-early, I’ll probably ride my bike more often. That’s the theory/hope, anyway.

That’s it from me this week. I’m still tired from my late night last night, but I do want to start getting up slightly earlier to write, so I’ll need an early night tonight. If you would like to hear more about A Round of Words in 80 Days, click here. Goodnight!

~ Emily


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