#ROW80 Checkin- August 16

This week was a vast improvement from the last, I am happy to say. I’m pantsing my way through a contemporary romance set at a university, whipping through what I’m reading. Here’s a break down of my goals.

  • Write one page in notebook every day

The only day I didn’t write was Thursday. It felt much better than the week before, when I barely wrote at all.

  • Type up the week’s writing on Sunday evenings.

I am going to do that immediately after finishing this post.

  • Read for half an hour every day. Keep on track for 52 books in the year.

Yes. Definitely. I finished Dust Girl and The Viper and the Urchin and am continuing Balanced on the Blade’s Edge. Persuasion is on hold because my iPod isn’t working. I also started Crewel, but I didn’t realise it was dystopian fiction, and so it wasn’t what I was expecting (I thought it was fantasy). I like for everyone to subjugated equally when I read dystopian fiction; things like the women having to be married by 18 and having to be styled and made beautiful don’t really appeal to me as much. I’m going to give it to page 100 and then decide whether to keep going.

  • Write one book review per week, and queue them up so I don’t miss another post

I wrote and scheduled a review of Dust Girl. Also tweaked my review of Dorothy Must Die and can now hand it in for a uni assignment. So that review will now go up at a later date when the assignment has been marked. I was going to do a critical analysis of three reviews of Go Set A Watchman for this exercise, but then I realised I could do a review of anything, and suddenly the exercise became a whole lot easier.

  • Ride bike to work/walk from work into the city after work at least three days a week.

I rode Monday and intended to also ride Saturday. I was just about out the door when I remembered I was seeing a show last night and wouldn’t be able to finish work at five, ride/bus home, freshen up and get to the venue in time for dinner. So I had to drive.

  • Devise fortnightly meal plans in the couple of nights before pay day.

We took stock of what we had in the cupboard and managed to stock ourselves up for four different recipes for under $50. I wish more grocery bills were like that! I also made apple pies. Delicious.

That’s all from me! See you all soon!

~ Emily

6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Checkin- August 16

  1. Erin Zarro says:

    Apple pies! I love apple pies!

    Looks like you did very well this week. What kind of writing do you do in your notebook? Is it more like a journal, or actual story writing? I used to journal for years until the internet, then I started blogging.


  2. Cindy Scott says:

    Another pantser! Do you pants often or just with certain stories. Been trying to move into a plotter pattern, not there yet. Still mostly a panster. And huzzahs around for a productive week!!


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