#ROW80 Check-in 19/07/2015

row80It’s been a bit of an odd week; I had some personal stuff crop up that I wasn’t expecting, and that affected me more than it seemed it would at first. I ended up taking Thursday off work, which threw off my routine a bit, but I still made my daily goals on that day.

  • Write one page in my notebook every day

I did this, and I think it was multiple pages every day except for Thursday and Saturday, when I didn’t realise I hadn’t done any writing until 9:30 at night.

  • Type up stuff in notebook on Sunday afternoons

I just finished! And learned that for all the pages I wrote, it only added about 1500 words to my file. But the regular writing habit is what I’m aiming for this round, and so far I’m doing that.

  • Read for half an hour every day. Keep on track for 52 books in the year.

Haven’t had any reading time today, but have read every other day. And probably for more than half an hour, too, since I read on the bus to work, and then on both my tea breaks. I write on the lunch break, though.

  • Write one book review per week, and queue them up so I don’t miss another post

I started one, but then I lost it. I’ll have to try to write two this week.

  • Spend Tuesday and Thursday nights, and Saturday afternoons working on assignments.

Yesterday was the only day, though I completed another 10% of my winter course work, which takes me up to 30%. There are two work sheets and the final essay to go. However, I realised that second semester starts this week, and the course I am enrolled in has things due while the winter course is still going (curse this overlap!). So I’m going to have to really get motivated this week. If I wasn’t writing this so late, I’d write a to do list for each day in this post, like I was doing in first semester, but I think I’ll leave that for tomorrow.

  • Ride bike to work/walk from work into the city after work at least three days a week.

I did two lots of Zumba this week. And ate enough junk to cancel it all out, to be honest. Still need to find a time on a weekend to get my bike into the shop. The problem is that it won’t fit in the back of my car, so I will have to take it in on the bus.

  • Devise fortnightly meal plans in the couple of nights before pay day.

I did this, though… I got home from uni yesterday to my partner informing me that our fridge had died… thankfully, we had only been to the farmer’s market so far, and the fresh stuff was okay out of the fridge. We did have to run out and buy a new one and pay the extra $10 for Sunday delivery, and then we had to wait for the few hours until we could turn it on, then another few hours before we could put stuff in it, so the rest of the groceries only got done tonight. Foolishly, we thought to measure the width of our old one, but not the depth, so this one sticks out past the edge of the alcove a bit, but hey, it’s a working fridge! We’re just lucky Edy’s tax refund came through when it did, or I would have had to raid my savings, and I wouldn’t have been able to that until tomorrow.

I’m probably going to miss next Sunday’s check-in, unless I do it early. It’s my birthday, so I’m treating myself to a stay at a wellness retreat, where I intend to entirely cut myself off from the outside world for three days. I will be enjoying a facial on one day, a massage on another, bush walks, bike rides, a heated pool, a gym and a silent room with an open fire, where I will be doing lots of reading and writing each evening… I mean… I’ll be working really hard and it’ll be awful and you have no reason to be jealous whatsoever. 😛

Anyway, it’s now 9:45, so I should finish this up so I still have some time to read for a while before bed. Until next time!

~ Emily


4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 19/07/2015

  1. Celine Jeanjean says:

    Good on you for meeting your goals even if your week was thrown out of whack.

    Your birthday retreat sounds absolutely perfect – that quiet room with a fire to read and write in isn’t making me jealous at all. No, not at all. Happy birthday for next week and have a wonderful time!! 🙂


  2. Cindy says:

    Sounds like the perfect birthday treat. i am always down for a message. 🙂

    You still did pretty darn good with the goals.

    and but worrying about the junk food, ate a bunch this past weekend too. i won’t tell anyone. 🙂


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