#MirthMusicMon – Easiest Post Ever! – #mondayblogs

You know how my two go-tos for Mirth and Music Monday, when I’m lacking any other inspiration, are Josh Groban and the Muppets? Well, now they’ve made my life incredibly easy by coming together to film a clip for Pure Imagination, one of the songs on Josh’s new album, Stages. Which I have not yet had the money to buy, but maybe next payday! Anyway, I am thankful to all these guys for making my job easy this week; it’s already past 10 and I still have to email some uni people, but I couldn’t bare the thought of missing any more MMM posts. It’s been a month or something! So anyway, Pure Imagination.

There is also the official film clip for this song, if that’s more your thing. Now I’m going to go before I end up listening to the entire album on YouTube. (I’ve heard his All I Ask Of You duet with Kelly Clarkson is amazing).

More MMM can be found here. Once again, I apologise for the drive-by nature of this post, but at least I posted something, right?!

~ Emily


2 thoughts on “#MirthMusicMon – Easiest Post Ever! – #mondayblogs

  1. rosedandrea says:

    That is spooky. I almost used that exact video, too! Now I’m glad I accidentally got on a Lindsey Stirling video binge and found something else. lol
    Glad to have you back. Sporadically is better than never. 🙂


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