#ROW80 Update – the part where I have a little bit of a freak out

row80I’m going to skip WIPpet Wednesday this week, for reasons I’ll get onto in a minute, but you should totally go and check out the linky and read lots of cool excerpts from people who are taking part this week.

I haven’t written anything since I checked in last week. I had things on from Monday – Thursday nights, and I spent Saturday with a friend. Other than that, I was just bloody exhausted. And this week I just haven’t bothered.

But what I wanted to talk about is the fact that as of next week, my time is going to disappear before my eyes and that’s going to be upsetting. I’m starting my Masters degree, which would be fine, but I’ve got rehearsals for My Fair Lady twice a week as well, and working out when to fit everything in is proving a bit of a challenge. I know that I will spend Saturdays at work (the National Library) because they have a lot of the text books and I can take them out on staff official loan (but that means I can’t take them out of the building).  I think I will need to also spend probably two nights a week studying (given that I am supposed to allow 10 hours a week per course and I’m doing two courses). I can apply for study leave at work because the degree is relevant to my job, but that only gives me three hours a week.

This is going to mean that writing goals are unfortunately going to take a back seat, probably for this whole semester. I had figured that doing a show while studying wouldn’t be much of a problem, but those two nights a week feel like more than that when I actually start to account for my time. And makes me feel rather relieved that the play I was going to be doing after this has been postponed until next year because the

I do not have a solution for this yet. I imagine I’m going to be many tables and Gantt charts and things. I feel organised when I have those sorts of things. I need to un-enroll from one course and enroll in another so I’m not entirely sure what my workload will be, but as long as I get my act together, my student account should be updated by the weekend.

That’s it from me. You can visit other ROW80 check-ins at the linky here.

~ Emily


6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Update – the part where I have a little bit of a freak out

  1. Abigail Erynne says:

    Wow, that is a lot. But how exciting! Very cool you’re getting to study for something like that, and that you ARE able to. A study leave from work, even! I admit I’m a bit jealous – I wasn’t able to finish even a BA. Plus quality time with the library? Sounds like you have awesome adventures ahead!


  2. AmyBeth Inverness says:

    Last year at this time, I had to put aside my writing for a whilr because I was teaching a college course. It was mote than just the time commitment, it wad brain power. During the times I wanted to be musing over characters and plot on the back burner, my brain would necessarily be evaluating which points my students did or did not seem to get, revising my lesson plan instead of my WIP.
    Good luck on the masters degree!


  3. Cindy says:

    Ah, fellow thespian I hear your pain. I have been working the day job (only at 21-22 hours a week during the winter), directing The Mousetrap, and of course writing. Hang in there girl! Take the time you need to study for the classes and what is currently in your queue. We (the waiting public) can wait. 🙂

    BTW, what are you playing in My Fair Lady?


    • Emily Witt says:

      I’m in the chorus. I considered auditioning for Eliza, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to maintain the accents for the audition, let alone the entire show!

      It’s going to put all my time management skills to the test, but I’m confident I’ll get there!


  4. Kim Switzer says:

    Sometimes we have to adjust our goals, shift things around, even postpone things for the greater good. Sounds like you’re doing a good job with seeing where your time is going to be spent and working with that.

    Congratulations on starting your Master’s! Best of luck.


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