#WIPpet Wednesday and #ROW80 Update:

I have to admit, I’ve been rather lax with my participation in ROW80 this round. And that keeps happening. But now that my holidays are officially over and I’m into more of a routine, I’ll be able to really make a crack at it. I hope.

On that note, while I was on holidays, I didn’t take my laptop with me, but I did take my notebook, and I wrote maybe 500 words on at least three different evenings. As my goal is work for an hour or write at least 500 words on Tuesdays and Fridays, I call that a win. I also wrote a few pages at work on Monday, and then I spent my writing group’s meet-up last night typing all of that up. It took forever, and I actually ended up leaving some notes to myself in big red letters where I decided to completely change things. The exciting thing is that at nearly 10k, the first draft of Unicorn Love is just about finished. It does need some good revising, though. I need Aphrodite to be more interfering throughout the story, and the ending is far too convenient (it’s a literal deus ex machina, actually). But! It’s a first draft. That should be done by next Wednesday with any luck.

wippetwednesdayThe problem with a WIP so short, of course, is that after a few weeks it’s getting rather hard to find a WIPpet that doesn’t spoil the entire story. I have some nice bits of dialogue from the end, but they do give away everything. I was going to get you guys’ advice on the back cover copy I have written for AMCF, but I will do that next week when I’m not typing this at my writing group’s Tuesday night meeting because I’m seeing a play on Wednesday night (this week is awful; stuff on every week night). I did find this bit though. Six paragraphs, which I got from adding the month to the day.

In this scene, Lydia has gone back in time to before she became a cupid. She is poor and living as part of a little street gang who do what they can to look after for one another and scrape by. The person she is talking to is David. The real one, this time, not the fake version Aphrodite created in this scene.

“Hey, sleepyhead,” he greeted her when she opened her eyes. “Today’s the big day. Are you ready?”

“No,” she replied, sitting up again and yawning. “Oh, good lord,” she said, the worrying thought suddenly occurring to her. “There’s no coffee here.”


“Um. Nothing. Ignore me. Just tired.”

“You don’t like coffee. You tried it once, when the nuns were handing out food and drink.”

“I know I… I had a strange dream, that’s all. I liked coffee in the dream.”

Feel free to join us for WIPpet Wednesday! All you need to do is post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow relates to the date (eg. 4+2 paragraphs). Then link up with us here. Many thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting us.

In other news, we have all heard about Harper Lee agreeing to publish a sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird, right? I honestly can’t decide quite how I feel about it. I studied TKAM in school, like everyone else, and it was probably more difficult to appreciate as a non-American 16-year-old, but I did appreciate it much more later on (confession: not that I have ever actually re-read it. I just, um, watched the movie a great deal. Come on, you guys, Gregory Peck.). I’m going to copy and paste my boyfriend’s response from Facebook, because he basically sums it up:

Yes, like anyone else with literary inclinations, I relish the idea of being able to read Harper Lee’s sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird. But before you start to place your pre-order, consider reading between the lines. Lee has always been known as a recluse, she was always protected by her lawyer sister in her business dealings, her sister has been dead for only three months, and Harper is by all accounts in the throes of senility, not always understanding the documents she signs. If she is genuinely (as the press releases say) “humbled and amazed that this will now be published”, that’s fantastic. With so many signs pointing to exploitation of a frail old woman, though, I’m a little more suspicious.

There is also the fact that it doesn’t sound so much like a sequel, as the book that ended up becoming TKAM in the first place. Not that I’m saying it can’t work because it was written first, but it sounds like one of those situations where you write the book you think you want to write, only to discover it was just the hiding place for an even more amazing book. Anyway, I suppose it remains to be seen.

I’m going to head off now, and I’ll see you around on your own blogs!

~ Emily


21 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday and #ROW80 Update:

  1. shanjeniah says:

    I hadn’t heard about the Harper Lee book; but, just as I was getting ready to make this comment, they announced it on the news.

    Sounds like you’re making good progress, despite lots going on.

    I like this snippet. Having to cover for tastes acquired in the future is an interesting time travel quirk.But I wonder how her flimsy excuse will hold up when the caffeine deprivation starts to take hold…


  2. Abigail Erynne says:

    I’d heard about the Harper Lee thing, but hadn’t yet looked into it. It will be interesting. I hope whatever happens strengthens the message of TKAM, and doesn’t weaken it.

    Love the snippet. I love when there are unanticipated side effects of time travel, particularly the kind the character doesn’t quite understand, yet.


  3. Amy says:

    There’s been pretty mixed reaction to Harper Lee’s announcement. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    Great snippet. I sense there may be more moments she has to cover for her future self. 🙂


  4. L. Marie says:

    I also love the snippet!
    I have mixed feelings about the sequel to TKAM. I love that novel. I can’t help being concerned about a book that was written decades ago and only now released.


  5. tpolen says:

    My son is reading TKAM in English right now. As embarrassing as it is to admit, I’ve never read it, but plan on getting to it before this summer. Great snippet!


  6. Denise D. Young says:

    Your WIP sounds really interesting. I like that your character became a cupid; I’m interested to learn what that’s like and how it compares to her life before. Sounds exciting! I’ve been working on shorter works lately, too, and I agree it’s hard to find excerpts that don’t give too much away. Thanks for sharing this excerpt!


  7. Pax Asteriae says:

    We didn’t do TKAM in English. I don’t think it was feminist enough for my teacher. (That is neither facetious nor a joke.) So I’m not sure that I’m qualified to even comment on the news, but what I did read managed to casually ignored the whole sister thing. In light of that, it sounds like the publisher’s trying to cash in, to me. I hope that’s not the case. It’d be heartbreaking.

    I like your snippet a lot, though I suspect she’s likely to confuse David more as time goes on, poor Lydia. As far as deus ex machina goes, I think you’ve got more reason to pull it off than most I’ve read (and Aphrodite *does* like interfering…). 🙂


  8. kathils says:

    To be honest (dare I admit it?) I never read TKaM. Never even saw the movie. But I sure hope this isn’t a case of Big Publisher taking advantage to pad their corporate wallet. 😦

    Love the excerpt but I still fail to comprehend how anyone can not like coffee. Or chocolate. You know, the staples of life!


    • Emily Witt says:

      That is what I am fearing, too! I hope more comes to light and that it isn’t the case.

      Coffee is too bitter for me, even with several large spoons of sugar in it. I’m all about the chocolate, though! Definitely a staple!

      Also, I have been meaning to reply to your last several comments on WIPpet posts to ask you this, and kept not replying to any comments at all. I was going through my emails and the last time we spoke about you doing an AMCF cover for me was back in July. I just wanted to check if you were still up for that? I finally got around to following your suggestion of trawling some stock image places over Christmas, so I’ve got a bunch favourited.


  9. ceeleeolson says:

    I think Jezebel had an article that pretty much said the same thing as your boyfriend did. I’m torn. I enjoyed To Kill A Mockingbird, and I would like to see what Scout is up to as an adult. But at the same time, To Kill A Mockingbird is perfect the way it is, and it really doesn’t need a sequel (Though does it count as a sequel if it was written before TKAM?) Plus, if the book was really that good, why didn’t her editor publish it years ago instead of asking her to write about young Scout? It’s such a weird situation.

    As for the snippet, I agree about coffee. It’s only good if it has copious amounts of sugar and flavored creamer!


    • Emily Witt says:

      Yes, I saw the Jezebel article not long after posting. That’s what concerns me, that the publisher never went “Great, so you wrote this awesome ‘prequel’, now we can get that first one you wrote ready.” Maybe the manuscript had already been ‘lost’ by that stage, who knows…

      Yes! That is the only way I can drink coffee. I’m much more inclined towards hot chocolate.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. alberta says:

    mixed feelings over the ‘prequel’ – to Kill a Mockingbird was one of my perfect books – hwereas I would like to read this one coming I worry why wasn’t it published at the time or before the childhood story – don’t want to loose the perfection of TKAM – dunno!


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