December 3: Prison kleptomania

Author’s note: this is a drabble, a story of exactly 100 words. It probably would work better with a few more, but if I was only going to write a little bit today, I wanted to make it meaningful somehow. Also, as you will, the stalking mentioned in the prompt didn’t make it into the story. But that’s why it’s just a prompt.

Prompt: Your main character is a materialistic 19-year-old girl. The story begins in a prison. Someone has a stalker. The theme of the story is greed.

She has things stashed in the gap between the wall and her desk. Just little things that she’s able to slip from the other inmates’ pockets in the mess hall or the laundry. There’s a little felt doll a woman’s young daughter made for her, and a lucky penny that belonged to someone else. She’s surprised that one ever got in in the first place, and she considered trying to choke on it once, but in the end, the collection is more important. She knows she ought to stop but she has to have these things. The compulsion never stops.


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