Book Review: Devil’s Dilemma by Sirena Robinson

Title: Devil’s Dilemma
Author: Sirena Robinson
Date Read: 10/10/2014 – 18/10/2014
Rating: ★★★☆


devilsdilemmaGriffin is the Chosen, probably the most important person on Earth, for she will be the one to choose whether Heaven or Hell gets to rule Earth for the next thousand millennia. If she doesn’t make her choice, the Apocalypse begins. Devils from Hell will do anything within their power to see that she doesn’t choose Heaven, but Griffin has Angels on her side, as well as a number of Warriors, humans dedicated to casting the creatures of Hell back to Earth.

I was little bit torn about what to rate this book at first, because while there were parts I quite liked, there were other parts I didn’t, and I wasn’t sure which way the balance tipped.

I honestly liked the plot, and it was the sound of it that made me offer to write a review in the first place. I’ve watched a bit of Supernatural and things like that (okay, I’ve watched five seasons of Supernatural, don’t judge me), but I haven’t read that many books that deal with these types of religious themes. There were lots of familiar aspects, such as salt and holy water repelling demons, but I liked Robinson’s incorporation of things like religious sites around the world. All too often, the Apocalypse seems to happen in the middle of the USA, or the UK/Western Europe, not really taking into account that Christianity is more far-reaching than that.

Having said that, I found that sometimes the structure got in the way of the storytelling. While I sympathised with Griffin whenever horrible things happened to her, the fact that we missed so much of her life in between the events the devil Alaria forced her through meant that it was sometimes hard really empathising properly. It was probably in the last third or so, in the immediate lead-up to the Choosing, that I was really able to get into her character and share her journey.

My other main criticism is the number of sex scenes, which was a lot. This is just a personal preference of course, but I’m not a huge fan of reading that kind of content. The first one or two were fine, the first was arguably even plot relevant, but after that it got a bit much. I also felt that Griffin and Braxton’s relationship happened a little too quickly – I can’t remember exactly how long they’d been in each other’s company at the time, but it didn’t feel very long, and given the prickly beginning to their partnership, it all seemed a bit fast.

My favourite character was Alaria. She had an interesting (tragic!) backstory, and a unique motivation. While she seemed somewhat repulsive in the beginning, once we started to learn her side of things, I began to sympathise with her most of all.

The preview chapter of the next book was actually enough of a teaser that I would be interested in picking up the second. Some of the characters from book 1 remain, while there will be new introductions as well. All in all, this was an enjoyable read.

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