#MirthMusicMon: Falling Slowly

This is kind of another post for the Doctor Who fans, except this one can be appreciated by those who aren’t as well. Arthur Darvill is known and loved by Doctor Who fans for his role as Rory Williams from 2011-2013, but what many people don’t know is that he can REALLY sing and was even in a band called Edmund (named after his favourite Narnia character). This  year, he took over the role of Guy (yep, the main characters are Guy and Girl) in the musical Once on London’s West End (which I saw back in November and between this and Richard Armitage doing The Crucible last July, I’m like, dammit, why didn’t I wait another eight months to travel?!*). Basically, the entire set is an Irish pub (even when the scenes are different, the set remains) and the bar you can see at the back is used as an actual bar before the show and during the intermission. I hung out at the side of the stage and drank an orange juice whilst the cast played various songs pre-show. It was awesome.

Anyway, over the weekend I found some of these clips on YouTube, so I’ll share with you Falling Slowly, which is probably the best-known song from Once, what with it winning an Oscar for the movie (which came before the stage show).

In other news, Edy has recently introduced me to Victor Borge, so I thought I would introduce you to him, too [if you are already familiar with him, then just enjoy an amusing clip]. I think his accent makes everything even funnier.


I have to head to choir tonight, despite not being in the mood for it at all, so I’ll leave this post here and go start getting organised. Join us for Mirth and Music Monday at the linky!

*The answer to that is because the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary was last November, and that’s why I was traveling. We can’t have everything. I did see both David Tennant and Matt Smith on stage so I really can’t complain.


3 thoughts on “#MirthMusicMon: Falling Slowly

  1. rosedandrea says:

    I did not know that ‘Rory’ sang. Doesn’t really surprise me, though.
    It’s nice to come across a song where they aren’t talking about all the passionate ridiculousness that seems to be so popular with people supposedly in love.

    Victor Borge. What a great entertainer. He can play the piano like a dream and so seamlessly sneak in something silly that you’re caught completely off guard. Love him!


  2. L. Marie says:

    I also didn’t know Arthur could sing! Wow! Doctor Who seems to have plenty of costars who sing. I can’t help thinking of Billie Piper.
    I saw Arthur playing Tip in Little Dorrit recently!!! (Granted, it was on DVD.)


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