#WIPpet Wednesday – Something Stupid and Sentimental

I kind of fell off the blogging bandwagon the last couple of weeks. Two weeks ago, I neither visited any other WIPpet posts nor did I respond to comments on my own, and last week I didn’t even post a single thing. For that I apologise, and I hope that I made up for it by managing to visit most of the WIPpeteers this week regardless. I’ve been neglecting my writing, too, mostly because I’m lazy and reading is so much easier (I’ve been powering through some novels lately). Also because I was stuck and ignoring the problem was the best way to go, obviously.

Anyway, on the weekend I got fed up with myself, which is generally what I do after a non-writing period. I decided if I wasn’t getting anywhere with An Eventual Happily Ever After, then maybe I should go back to Unicorn Love for a while. I pulled up my notes – which were mostly in the form of questions – and the small bit of writing I’d already done on it, and after a while had a bit of a direction to go in. On Sunday night, it was keeping me awake, so that’s a good sign. I wrote 1003 words during Sunday, and another few hundred yesterday (haven’t typed them up yet to get the actual number).

I’m probably actually going to write a couple of book reviews for the blog tonight (I just finished reading Elaine Jeremiah‘s new book, Reunion of the Heart, and also Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett. amongst a few other things). I have a write-in with my writer’s group tomorrow, so I’ll hopefully get a bit more done there, but I don’t know how long I’ll stay because the new book in the Lockwood and Co. series by Jonathan Stroud is released on Kindle tomorrow, and I’m going to just want to go home and read it.

Anyway, today is WIPpet Wednesday. I’m going to share a snippet from Unicorn Love, which follows on from the scene I shared in this post. My WIPpet maths is as follows: it’s the 8th month and 4+4 is 8, so 44 words. To refresh your memory, David is being held overnight at the police station before being sent to gaol the following day, and Lexie’s feeling guilty about it.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, and pulled away from David’s hand when she felt a tear starting down her cheek. He’d probably still see her cry, but she didn’t think she could cope with him doing something stupid and sentimental like wiping away the tears.

Incidentally, Lexie’s name is subject to change at some point, since I don’t feel the name fits the character. I’m just yet to come up with something better. I also have another character (she’s replaced the Venus character) currently named Beatrice McCarthy, but I need something a bit sharper sounding for her. I hate naming things. It’s the worst.

Anyway, I shall keep this brief, and head off now. Join us for WIPpet Wednesday by posting an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow relates to the date, then link up here. Many thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. 🙂 Goodnight all!



20 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – Something Stupid and Sentimental

  1. Ruth Nestvold says:

    That’s excellent that you found your enthusiasm again! The “getting stuck” thing is actually one of the reasons I usually have several projects going at once. And often when I’ve been writing something else for a while, when I return to the project that was giving me problems, I will know why it wasn’t working for me. So good luck!

    Oh, and nice snippet too. 🙂


  2. Elaine Jeremiah says:

    Great excerpt Emily! I read the previous entry you gave the link to as I hadn’t read it already. It’s brilliant – I like the tension between the characters and it sounds like there’s a lot of back story going on. I found it exciting and intriguing. Good stuff! 🙂


    • Emily Witt says:

      Thanks, Elaine! After tonight’s get together with my writing group, I think I need to develop their backstory some more, but it’s definitely there.

      Also just wanted to let you know that my review of Reunion of the Heart is going up tomorrow at 7am my time. Not sure what that will be for you, 9 or 6pm? lsh? Thursday night anyway. 😀


  3. sirenarobinsonsirenarobinson says:

    Welcome back! We all take time off every once in a while, and it’s not always at the most convenient times. Sometimes stuff just won’t cooperate. I tend to take a break after the various forms of NaNo and binge on reading for a few weeks to decompress from that marathon, so I get the whole reading vs. writing thing. I’m just glad you’ve gotten your mojo back and that you’re writing again.


  4. ReGi McClain says:

    Yay! I like this WIP. 🙂 I like Eventual Happy Ever After, too, but it’s nice to see this one pop up as well.

    I like Lexie-for-now’s rejection of sentimentality in spite of the fact that she can’t hold back her tears.


  5. Amy says:

    I love the snippet. I can certainly understand how she feels!

    Naming things is definitely the WORST. I find first names easy, but last names are not. And forget naming my projects. I have some that have gone through three or four name changes! My current naming-things funk is chapter titles. Which I guess I don’t need, but I like them! I may just get rid of them. Blah.


    • Emily Witt says:

      I think I would be okay-ish at chapter titles if I used them. But yes, actual titles of works are a nightmare. This is the main reason my characters have regular names even if the setting is somewhat fantasy-ish, because otherwise I’d waste too much time trying to name them all.


  6. shanjeniah says:

    My creative life is in ebbs ad surges. Sometimes I need input – LOTS of input! – and time to simmer. Days or longer may pass without new words, because things are percolating, and I’ve learned no to rush them.

    Ditto what Kathi and Ruth said up above. All of my projects feed on each other. I also like to play games that have strong patterns, take hot showers, do hometending stuff, and do stuff with my family and friends.

    Eventually, I start writing, and often the words start pouring out of me by the thousands, and ideas, dialogue, and imagery fill me up…

    I like this excerpt. I sometimes have people who wipe tears away, but I like there being a twist when it happens. I like that Lexie resists – it says something about her and her mental status.

    I’m looking forward to see how this story evolves.


    • Emily Witt says:

      It has a lot of evolution to go through, but I am really enjoying the process.

      I think I need to accept that my writing works in a similar way – sometimes there just aren’t going to be words and I can attend to other things. My boyfriend is trying his very best to train me out of being so highly-strung; I start getting upset when the house is messy or when I’m not being as constructive as I feel I could be.

      I remember when I was writing the first draft of AMCF and the words were pouring out me (I had a 5000-word week for the first time outside of NaNoWriMo and I was stunned), but I think that was a fluke. The premise literally came to me in a dream on New Year’s Eve and I had a few pages of notes by the end of New Year’s Day, so it’s definitely a one-of-a-kind as far as my writing process goes.

      I love the word “percolate” in regards to writing. I think of it as a middle ground between planning and pantsing and I think it’s awesome.

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      • shanjeniah says:

        I’ve met a lot of writers and other creatives who go through ebbs and surges. I see the same thing in my kids. They tend to pend several days in TV, reading, and simple outdoor games before a surge. I used to worry, but now I don’t. I just try to be fully in the energy of the moment.

        Percolating definitely feels like the between space, to me. It has elements of everything, and it’s very rich and fertile, getting ready to blossom!


  7. booksbysmiles says:

    LOL! When I saw the title of WIPpet, my ears were all perked for the sentimental part. Now I’m laughing at the context of it. I love it! Isn’t that just us? We’re crying, and we want affection and comfort, but whatever they do is either stupid or exactly what we need, and there’s no way of knowing until it happens–or doesn’t happen. Don’t wipe away my tears because that’s stupid and sentimental, and yet… if you do, I may just cry harder. I DON’T want to cry harder, so why did you do something so sweet and stupid?!

    Yup, makes tons of sense.


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