#MirthMusicMon – Not a tale I distort

I’m scheduling this post in advance because I’ve been in Sydney all weekend and am only now on my way home. Probably more about that on Wednesday, since I did a little novel research while I was there. But anyway, yesterday we saw The Lion King on stage (I deliberately booked further back so I could have an aisle seat and have animals walk past me during The Circle of Life, something I’ve wanted since going to see the original Australian production about ten years ago and being stuck upstairs, away from the wildlife). In light of that, I thought I would share a song that is in the show, and in the 10th Anniversary edition DVD, but not the original movie. This is Zazu singing The Morning Report (ignore the fact that Simba’s voice is clearly different; they had to get a new kid because obviously ten years later, the original kid-Simba was 20-something and his voice had broken).

Ah, poor Zazu. Join us for Mirth and Music Monday by clicking here. Yay!



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