#MirthMusicMon – Poor Amy!

Drive-by Mirth and Music Monday post today! Here is one of my favourite Sesame Street songs (I was going to post it last week, then I got distracted by that Neil Patrick Harris one while I was looking for it).

Join us by posting some mirth and music, then link up here. 😀


7 thoughts on “#MirthMusicMon – Poor Amy!

  1. rosedandrea says:

    Ha ha! A musical version of that old game called Telephone (and also known as Gossip). It’s really fun to start off with something simple and hear what it morphs into by the end of the line of players. 🙂
    Nice find, Emily.


  2. shanjeniah says:

    Headed off to work out, to find my gas tank too close to empty to risk the trip. OOOPS! But I came home, and found this, and this cheered me right up. I so wanted to marry Grover, when I was 6! =)


    • Emily Witt says:

      Grover’s pretty awesome, though I don’t remember him being around as much when I was a regular Sesame Street viewer. Edy with his Jim Henson obsession is introducing me to a lot I’ve never seen before, though, which is awesome.


      • shanjeniah says:

        I am the same age as Sesame Street, so I remember the early years – then a big gap, then the stuff from the early 2000’s – when my kids were small enough to enjoy it.

        I remember Mr. Hopper, and when Snuffleupagus was invisible to everyone but Big Bird.

        Thanks for the memories…


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