#MirthMusicMon – On an Australian theme

Happy Monday, everyone! (I know, oxymoron, right?)

Today for Mirth and Music Monday, I am sharing videos from my favourite Australian singer and a favourite Australian comedian. Kate Miller-Heidke is a classically trained soprano who broke into the folk/alternative scene with songs like this one (Caught in the Crowd), Last Day On Earth, and other fun ones (if you can cope with some bad language, I recommend the Facebook Song). Adam Hills is a successful stand-up comedian in Australia as well as the UK (I know he’s also done festivals in Canada; not sure what kind of following he has in the US), as well as host of such TV shows as Spicks and Specks (and no, “spick” is not a derogatory term for Mexican in Australia; the title simply comes from a BeeGees song). Anyways, without further ado:

Please feel free to join in on Mirth and Music Monday. Just post some videos and then link up with us here. Thanks to Regi for hosting. I’m probably going to be posting a blog tomorrow with some second-half-of-the-year goals for myself. Seriously, though, how is it July already? Ah well. Catch you later!


4 thoughts on “#MirthMusicMon – On an Australian theme

  1. ReGi McClain says:

    The music video wouldn’t play for me, so I’ll have to look her up later.

    That comedy video is pretty funny. It’s doubly funny to me because it highlights how incompetent doctors can be without their support staff. Seriously? You never learned how to turn a patient? You can charge him major moolah took say, “You’re doing just fine. Keep up the good work,” but you can’t flip him over in an emergency? O.o Bwahahahaha! 😀


    • Emily Witt says:

      Curses, that’s the second week in a row someone hasn’t been able to watch one of the videos I posted. Ah well. Probably country-locked or something annoying like that.

      Haha, yes, when my sister was a nurse she was always saying it was their job to make sure the doctors didn’t kill anyone. Though the First Aid training I did last week was quite adamant that if the patient is unresponsive but still breathing it was straight into the recovery position, so I’m on the doctor’s side in Adam’s story.


      • ReGi McClain says:

        Oh yes. I’m not disputing the “turn him on his side” bit at all. I’m laughing at his inability to just do it rather than sitting there shouting for someone else to. 😉


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