#WIPpet Wednesday and some pondering

Psst! The WIPpet is in the second half of this post. Feel free to scroll past my ramblings about other things.

wattpadlogoSo I’ve been thinking about Wattpad recently. One my friends, Sam, has achieved great popularity with his story Darkness Girl: Trickster God on there (I know it was at the top of, or quite close to, the Teen Fiction section at one point, and he has secured an agent to publish the book traditionally as well) and K. L. Schwengel has just recently announced that she’s going to post her first novel First of Her Kind on there a chapter a week as well.

The reason I’ve been thinking about it is that I have a new writing project in mind, and I’m wondering if Wattpad might be the place for it. Basically, ever since doing the Crucible, I’ve wanted to tell Abigail’s side of the story. Any girl who saw her parents violently killed in front of her at a young age (“I saw Indians smash my dear parents’ heads on the pillow next to mine…”) is going to be more than a bit messed up, and while I’m sure Arthur Miller was going for “Abigail seduced John Proctor with her evil feminine wiles”, I feel like Proctor is presented as more blameless than he should be (not to say Abigail is entirely blameless, just saying it takes two, y’know?). 

The reasons I’m thinking of maybe using Wattpad for this are:

a) this actually probably counts as fanfiction, since the play is not in the public domain yet and while part of my brain goes, “Yeah, but the characters are all totally historical figures, you could totally argue your way out of it”, it would be following the events of the play, and Arthur Miller definitely made some of the important bits up himself.

b) I’m not 100% sure I’d be willing to put in the effort to make this the kind of work I would be willing to ask money for, either from a research/accuracy standpoint, or a “write a million drafts until it’s as good as it possibly can be” standpoint. I’m thinking of it as more of a personal post-show project, like how I’m reading lots of books about the Salem Witch Trials as well, rather than something I’d be likely to pursue in the long term. But because I live for the validation of strangers on the Internet, I’d probably want to share it anyway.

I considered Archive of Our Own as another possible location, what with the whole fanfiction vibe, and maybe I’d post it both places, but AO3 seems to be where people who know things about fandom go for their fandom needs, while Wattpad seems to be where people go if they just want something to read. It used to be fictionpress.com, the sister-site for fanfiction.net, but I think it’s pretty quiet on there these days. I do still get the odd review for a story I put up there when I was 13 or something. The two most recent ones were to tell me that it’s spelt “realize”, not “realise” and to request I use a spell checker in future. Whatever, dude.

I have a sort of an outline for it, and I’ve been pondering things like style and voice and tense (annoyingly, the pen I was trying to use at work was useless and kept slowing me down), but I’ll probably not start it seriously until the weekend. (Related: how is it only Wednesday? This week’s been dragging on forever!). Has anyone else used Wattpad, either to post or read? How did you find it? I haven’t seen Sam in ages, but I’m possibly seeing him on the weekend, so I’m probably going to grill him about everything.

wednesdaybannerAnyways, this post is apparently already 600 words long, so I’d best get onto WIPpet Wednesday. I’m going to share another snippet from An Eventual Happily Ever After. While this is probably going to change, in the NaNoWriMo version, Ginny deliberately ran away from home because she was so sick of all the constraints being put upon her. Not to mention, Sir Kieran, the suitor mentioned in last week’s WIPpet, did not make a good first impression. It’s the early hours of the morning, she’s ended up in the woods on the edge of town and suddenly she’s remembering all the stories she and her friends used to tell each other about these woods when they were young. WIPpet maths is nice and simple: 4 sentences for the 4th of June.

According to the story, one day an employee had been killed in an accident at a mill that had been on the edge of the town. Rather than inform their superiors and possibly get in trouble, the other workers just roughly buried the miller who had died somewhere on the edge of the woods. His ghost now supposedly roamed the space between his shallow grave and the old mill site, waiting for someone to lay him to rest properly. As she found a tree to lie underneath, and tried to settle her mind down, Ginny wondered if the Miller’s Ghost had his eyes on her.

The story of the Miller’s Ghost was originally intended for A More Complicated Fairytale, but then the whole section of plot where it featured ended up getting replaced with something far better. I was pleased to be able to recycle it in the sequel. 😀 Speaking of AMCF, I got the third draft printed the other day so proofreading can begin. Now to just entice Edy to embark on that adventure. Maybe I need to figure out how to make a vegan version of the berry cheesecake cupcakes he made for the Crucible after-party, and he can have two per chapter. (He has recently started doing freelance copy writing [as opposed to copyrighting; I only learned the difference when he started doing the former] from home and is busy with that, but he did promise he would put that Editing and Proofreading diploma to some use for me).

To join in on WIPpet Wednesday, simply post an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow relates to the date, and then join us at the linky over here.Many thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. 🙂 It’s taken me way too long to write this, and I really need to fold some of the clothes strewn across my bed before I can get into it. I shall take my leave, and probably see you on the weekend! 🙂


33 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday and some pondering

  1. Kate Sparkes says:

    I like the ghost idea. It’s amazing how these fictional words accumulate mythology, isn’t it?

    I like Wattpad, and I know some people have a lot of success with it. As far as I can tell, it takes a big time investment for most people to become popular– reading other people’s stuff and commenting so they’ll read yours. I don’t know whether they have groups that chat, but that would be another thing. I just don’t have time for that, so I doubt I’ll have much success with it. I started posting my vampires there, but then didn’t have time once edits got going on my main project.

    Also, I found out that if you have sex/violence that requires a higher rating, Wattpad will do nothing to promote your work in terms of featuring it, even if it’s popular. So that’s something to keep in mind. But your project sounds perfect for it. It’ll be a lot better than most of the fanfic on there. I don’t understand why One Direction are vampires now… O.o

    Same with Goodreads. Some writers join a ton of groups, interact, join discussions, yadda yadda… I kind of need that time for my family and for the actual writing and editing stuff, and for reading. Or maybe I just need to learn to manage my time better.

    Actually, that’s probably what it is. 🙂


    • Emily Witt says:

      It is indeed!

      Yeah, I figured the I’ll-read-yours-if-you-read-mine dynamic would probably be at play. I remember that from my early teen years on Fiction Press and various fanfiction websites… I think I was more willing to read stuff online then because, well, a lot of it is written by young people, and when I was young, that didn’t bother me, but now I’m looking for a certain standard that they don’t quite meet, y’know?

      I also have a lot more trouble reading on a screen for a long period of time now. Half our writing group hasn’t actually read Darkness Girl yet for that reason, but we’ve all promised Sam we’ll be the first to buy print copies. I don’t know how much time he’s invested in the networking, but when I was stalking his profile earlier tonight, it says he follows about 500 people and has about 2000 following him, so not too shabby.

      That’s interesting about the ratings; I haven’t actually decided about that yet. Writing smut isn’t really my forte, but I feel like this isn’t really a story where I can just fade to black on that, so… hmm. More to think about.

      I’m terrible with time management. I have the shortest attention span. I have joined GoodReads groups in the past, but the only ones I’ve stayed a member of have been NaNoWriMo ones… I kinda liked the idea of book clubs, but half the time the book didn’t interest me so I just didn’t read it.


      • Kate Sparkes says:

        Yeah… my vampire book has fairly detailed murder/aftermath of torture scenes and one sex scene (not the most hard-core graphic sex, but way beyond my YA stuff and fairly descriptive), so I can’t really avoid the rating. Maybe look into that before you write? I think you can get away with a lot before you get the dreaded R rating, so you could work around it and still keep what’s important to your story.

        And I agree about the quality standards. Call me a snob, but I won’t even read published books that have errors in their promo pics, let alone get through an entire teenage fantasy about Zac Efron being a werewolf* that’s full of typos, terrible grammar, etc. I think it’s great that people can share their work. I just don’t care to read most of what’s out there. O.o

        *Or whatever the kids are into these days. I can’t keep up. Young whippersnappers. All I saw when I browsed was a LOT of One Direction sex fantasy fanfic mixed in with some promising ideas with horrible execution, and a few really great stories. You go out there and bring the quality level up, and I’ll be there reading you. 🙂


      • Emily Witt says:

        Ugh, I know right. I was reading a summary on Amazon for a book that sounded reasonably interesting, and then it referred to this “break-thru” novel and I was like, “… okay, bye.”

        C’mon, Kate, Zac Efron is so five years ago. I think. I don’t really have a clue. He’s fun in Hairspray, that’s all I know. 😛

        Aw, shucks, stop it! *blushes* I’ll make sure to start linking as soon I start posting! 😀


  2. kathils says:

    Mara Valderran (Heirs of War) had great success gaining readers through Wattpad. I’m not sure how successful I’ll be for the very reasons Kate mentions. I don’t really have the time to devote to groups/chatting/commenting/reading so I’m not going to gain any real popularity there. But, new readers are new readers, and as time permits, I may be able to interact more.

    You can get Wattpad to feature your piece…I’d have to look through my notes from Mara to see how that works. I believe, again, it takes more interaction than I can currently offer.

    Anyhow, great snippet. I love ghosts. Hee, hee. Your piece through Abigail’s eyes sounds like it could be very interesting.


    • Emily Witt says:

      I think the most time consuming part is going to be wading through the stuff written by 13-year-olds to discover the gems. I am all for 13-year-olds using this kind of platform to improve their skills, it’s certainly what I did, but someone else can give them constructive criticism. (Is that a mean thing to say?)

      I was reading something about featured stories – I think they need to be completed and have a fancy cover, but apart from that, all you need to is apply, it seems.

      Thanks. I’ve written a little bit of it already. It’s good to be getting back into the writing habit again.


      • kathils says:

        I think for features you need a certain amount of reads and votes as well??? Or you need to be active on the groups. I’ll certainly look into it when I have more time.


      • Emily Witt says:

        That’s also possible. I didn’t really commit the info to memory since I figured it’d be a while before I’d even be considering making use of it.


  3. catemorgan says:

    I posted the free companion pieces to my flagship series, as well as some of my flash fiction, on Wattpad, and was pretty pleased with the experience overall once I figured it out. You might also consider Noisetrade, which is similar to Wattpad but which gives the readers the option of “tipping” the author, but which is no way compulsory.


  4. Amy says:

    Confession: I don’t know anything about Wattpad. I do write fanfic, but I post it on ff dot net and AO3. I’ve posted original flash fic on my blog rather than using fictionpress or whatever.

    LOL at the person who told you how to spell. Too funny!

    I like the snippet, the ghost mythology. Ginny’s reaction makes sense to me; I think I’d be wondering if the ghost was watching me, too!


  5. ReGi McClain says:

    I love stories within stories!!! They just seem to make the world so much more believable. Ghost stories are so nice for adding a little shiver to an otherwise benign scene or for building up suspense. 🙂


  6. Tammy J Rizzo says:

    Ooooh! The Miller’s Ghost! I’d hate to think he was lurking behind THAT bush RIGHT THERE, just *watching* me! Brrrr!

    I’ve been to Wattpad, but never really used it. I may have an account there; now I need to go look. 🙂 I’d never heard of AO3 – now I need to check it out! Thanks! 😀


    • Emily Witt says:

      Haha, that’s pretty much what Ginny’s thinking! And it doesn’t help when she’s woken up a few hours later to the sounds of someone thrashing through the forest.

      No problem! I think AO3 is probably the best platform for fandom that we’ve had so far. It allows for posting fanfic, vids, playlists, all sorts.


  7. Alana Terry says:

    I’m recycling snippets during JuNoWriMo too. And I love your idea to explore the Cruicble more. I honestly don’t remember too much of it, but it sounds like you’ve definitely come up with a character who deserves more literary concern. 🙂


  8. Xina Marie Uhl says:

    I love Archive of Our Own and I’m on there far too much. 🙂 I’ve heard some good things about Wattpad but I haven’t made the leap over there yet. There’s just too much to do …

    Nice WIPpet – seems sort of gruesome. I dig that.


  9. Christina Olson says:

    I love AO3 – especially for the fact that you can download the longer stories as ebooks, which is nice if you don’t have an internet connection or don’t want to use up all your data on your cell phone plan. I have several stories up on Fanfiction.net too, but it seems like people don’t go there as often anymore, because the amount of reviews I used to get on my stories when I would update has gone down over the years. Sadly, I have no experience with Wattpad, but Figment is along the same lines and it seems nice.

    Ginny wondering about the Miller’s Ghost watching her reminds me of when my husband and I used to go camping at a local ghost town. Supposedly all the chinese mine workers were buried above our campsite on this hill (they couldn’t be buried in the town cemetery because people were jerks back then). Anywho, I often wondered if they would watch us at night.


    • Emily Witt says:

      Yes! I love the download feature, too! I wouldn’t have read half the good stories I have read if I had to read them on a glarey screen. I agree about ff.net, I think it has definitely gone down in popularity in recent years.

      Ooh, I would definitely have been wondering the same thing!


  10. Eden says:

    I wish I could offer some helpful advice on Wattpad, but the truth is, I signed up months ago and have never looked much at it (much the same with Goodreads). There are so many distractions out there…

    That said, you SHOULD write the story. Maybe you’ll create the next “Wicked”. 😀

    *imagines papery, distant voice whispering* I can see you!!!!


  11. shanjeniah says:


    I’ve been looking at fan fiction venues. You all have given me much inspiration and places to look! Nifty!

    And I love Ginny. I wonder what her interaction with the ghost is going to be like….

    A Crucible fanfic sounds like an amazing project!


    • Emily Witt says:

      AO3 is definitely the best fandom platform at the moment. I think, anyway. I’m old-school so I still post my fanfic to LiveJournal as well, but it’s definitely not as active as it used to be. (Also, in recent times I’ve tended to write things for more obscure fandoms, which AO3 is good for, but LJ not so much).


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