#MirthMusicMon – That’s Life

I am coming to you today from the past, where I am scheduling this post last Tuesday. As such, you might notice some similarities with last “Monday’s” post, which was also written last Tuesday. This is another clip from SMASH, though this time one of the musical numbers that happens outside of the Marilyn musical. Ivy (Megan Hilty – the blonde one) and Karen (Katherine McPhee – the brunette) basically spend the entire show being frienemies and vying for the role of Marilyn. I haven’t actually seen the episode this features in, so I’m not quite sure where/when/how this happens (I only watched scattered bits of the second season), but it’s great rendition of this song, either way.

In the spirit of that, Edy suggested I follow this with a Frank Sinatra parody. This was my favourite.

Do come and join us on Mirth and Music Monday. The linky is here. Till next week!



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