#WIPpet Wednesday – Sunshine and artworks

A quick FYI first off: I’ll probably disappear from the blog next week, as I have rehearsals  for The Crucible Sunday afternoon and then every night except Tuesday and I am going to be pooped. If I’m on the ball this week, I’ll schedule some posts in advance, but I won’t be around much for comments, most likely.  We are performing on the 24th and 25th, which is far too close for comfort and I’m absolutely terrified (I usually have to be forced to eat on opening days because I’m so nervous, and that’s just when I’m doing fun musicals; this is the first time I’ve ever done serious drama), but all being well, everything will go smoothly for here on in and we’ll be fine.

Anyway, onto more interesting things, remember how a while ago I said that I had commissioned my artist friend to do an illustration for A More Complicated Fairytale? I picked it up on Friday afternoon, and I have to admit, I squealed a bit when I pulled it out of the folder the first time. This is Cait and Felipe at the end of their more complicated fairytale. 😀 (Admittedly the quality is not amazing because it’s too big for my scanner, so I had to take a photo with my phone. But I think you get the idea.) Frankie said she was worried that Felipe’s crown was wonky, but I think it adds to his charm. And I like to think Cait’s about to fix it for him. My favourite part is that floppy bit of Felipe’s hair.

2014-05-09 18.07.06

Illustration by the very amazing Frankie Sunflower.

For WIPPet Wednesday this week, I’m giving you 70 words (14×5 for the 14th of May) from AMCF. Cait got knocked out at the end of the previous chapter, and then there was a bit from Felipe’s POV, and this is when it switches back to Cait as she comes to.

Cait felt the sunshine on her face before she opened her eyes. She was lying in a bed far more comfortable than the one she had been used to for the past several months and her head was nestled in a plump pillow. When she opened her eyes she saw that she was in a big room with a tall ceiling and glass doors that opened out onto a spacious courtyard.

If you would like to join in on WIPPet Wendesday, please do! Post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow correlates to the date and then join us at the linky here. Many thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. I must dash, shall see you all soon!


8 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – Sunshine and artworks

  1. Amy says:

    I love the drawing. My favorite part is the thing Cait’s wearing in her hair. I love it! Nice excerpt, too. The part about feeling the sun—we have windows in the roof of our house (weird, I know), and I love feeling the sun on my face in the morning.

    Wishing you well at your play. 🙂


  2. Adrian says:

    Great drawing!! I love this excerpt. She may have been knocked out, but she’s not dazed and is still working things out in her head. It’s nice to see that. And I’m really curious as to where she is.


  3. kathils says:

    Beautiful drawing. I bet your characters love you. They apparently wake up in much nicer surroundings than mine do. 😉


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