#MirthMusicMon – A Real Pet Penguin

So on the East Coast of Australia, it is currently lunch time on Tuesday, and since I forgot to post a Mirth and Music Monday post last night, I figured I just wouldn’t this week… except then my attempt at donating blood this morning went somewhat awry (well, at least they were able to actually get a decent amount of blood from me before my body started freaking out this time. Last time the needle was barely in my arm), so I’ve come home from work early and it’s still Monday in parts of the world, so I figure this counts.

This week on MMM, I bring you a Kid Snippet. For those unfamiliar with this YouTube channel, the kids write the scripts and record the audio, and then the adults act it out. Hilarity ensues. (Look up the ones with Josh Groban. They’re gold.) I think this was an early one, or at least it’s one that seems to pop up a fair bit.

For the musical part of the post, I’m bringing you Second Hand White Baby Grand from the TV show SMASH. This show is about a bunch of people putting together a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe, and requires a whole lot of suspension of disbelief if you know anything about theatre, but the music is pretty awesome. Also Megan Hilty’s voice is flawless.

To join in on MMM, just post some videos such as these and join up with us here. Now I leave you to go and schedule next Monday’s post, since I’ll probably forget again if I don’t. 😛



2 thoughts on “#MirthMusicMon – A Real Pet Penguin

  1. ReGi McClain says:

    Oh dear. I may be watching Kid Snippets for a little while. That was really funny. 😀 Maybe Alana and I should record some of the stuff our kids say when they’re playing and submit it, because we get some doozies.

    That’s a very pretty song. I assume by now you’re feeling better, but yipes! I’m sorry your body freaks our when you give blood. Not cool. (I’m also sorry I missed the post when you put it up.)


    • Emily Witt says:

      Aren’t they great?! Haha, you totally should! 😛

      Yeah, I’ve pretty much accepted that I am not cut out for donating blood, and need to find another avenue to get my karma points.


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