#ROW80 Reminders and #WIPpet Wednesday Jerkiness.

row80-2So it occurred to me on Monday night that while I took in the notes my betas gave me for AMCF, and did a pretty thorough edit on the same draft myself, having the files with my betas’ comments open as I work through the next draft would probably be beneficial. While it has been overall, there have certainly been moments that have given that reminder I’m sure we all dread. Namely, that there are always going to be things that people don’t like and I will never please everybody and it’s probably better not to try. I mean, there are more instances of “Yay, they liked that!” or “Ooh, that’s an idea, Imma run with that” than the negative stuff, but it’s funny how we always get hung up on the things people didn’t like. There was also a moment when I was rereading one of Regi McClain’s comments and realised there was a bit of a plot-hole and I maybe had a bit of an overreaction. I say overreaction because it’s actually quite fine and easily fixed, but I didn’t realise that til a bit later.

My ROW80 goal for this round is to revise two chapters per week… As on Wednesday night, I’m probably about halfway through the first of these chapters. However, my writing group and I are going away over Friday/Saturday to have a full-on editing blitz. So I’m hoping I won’t have any trouble meeting my goal by Saturday night, and may even surpass it. Last week I managed to complete two chapters on Monday night, but then didn’t get any more work done the entire week. Mostly because I got distracted by books written by people other than me, I will admit.

It’s just occurred to me that writing this blog post on the shiny new laptop I just bought on my way home from work is all very well except for all my AMCF stuff is still on the old laptop and that’s going to make posting a WIPpet difficult. I did have one in mind that was only short, let’s see if I can remember it.

“Word is you’re the prince’s mistress and if Princess Maria had been unable to conceive, they would have had you do the job.”

I’ve gone backwards slightly; this is the sort of thing Cait is responding to in the excerpt I posted last week. However it is phrased in the Word Document, it was 25 words, which is adding all the digits for the date except the 2. According to the online word counter I just used, it’s 23, which I suppose is all the digits added together except one of the 4s. Either way, the WIPpet maths works. Please do join us on WIPpet Wednesday! All you need to do is post an excerpt from your current WIP that somehow relates to the date (and we’re pretty lenient about that, really), and then join us at the linky. Thanks to the wonderful K. L. Schwengel who keeps us all in line. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, as I have Church tomorrow night due to it being Holy Thursday, and I am going away Friday/Saturday, there are a host of things I really need to get done tonight. As such, I will leave this here, and head off. See you all soon! Have a wonderful Easter! πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “#ROW80 Reminders and #WIPpet Wednesday Jerkiness.

  1. kathils says:

    Sounds like a busy and fun weekend ahead. Enjoy. πŸ™‚

    I can imagine Cait was not all that thrilled with such a comment. Yup. Not thrilled one tiny bit,


  2. Eden says:

    I remember that comment… and the &%^%&*$ storm that followed it.

    Thinking back on the whole beta experience though… I don’t think you should ever feel upset that there are some things that some didn’t like that others did, etc. We don’t all like Oreo cookie ice cream (or Oreo anything!) after all. As long as people were not cruel, then personal opinion is… well, personal opinion, and perhaps those persons just weren’t a right match to the book, or just that instance.

    Yay for the new laptop!


    • Emily Witt says:

      Interestingly, that was one of the plot points that I never planned; Doctor Brayden just sort of showed up in that scene and it all went from there.

      It’s not strictly upset, per se, just moments of disappointment when someone doesn’t like a scene that is a particular favourite of mine, or makes you realise you’ve been unclear about something and you’re like, “I worked on that part for aaaaages! And it still needs fixing?! Agh!” But yeah, I’ve just learned if I’m not agreeing with comments to just take a step back from them and think about it more objectively, or take a break from reading them or whatever and come back to it with fresh eyes.


      • Eden says:

        Ah.. yeah, I get what you’re saying. It’s frustrating in a sense, this feeling of “what happened?” that can come through.

        As for the doctor, maybe your mind sensed a need to add a conflict that Cait could deal with that the moment as opposed to all the emotional stress she must deal with as one person in a nation at war?


  3. Ruth Nestvold says:

    Heh, cute snippet. πŸ™‚

    For my own part, I can assure you that the longer I’ve been at this writing gig, the more “philosophically” I am able to respond to feedback — as in now, nothing really bugs me much, except maybe reviews implying that I am totally uneducated. *g* But given the fact I have a Ph.D.in English, it doesn’t take me long to shrug off even those.

    So I guess what I want to say is, with time, we all develop the thick skin we need and learn to distinguish between the critiques that will help, and those that just show us where something isn’t working the way we want, and we need to look at it again.


    • Emily Witt says:

      I am hopeful that will be the case for me, too, though my problem is that I’m pretty thin-skinned in general, so it will require working on it to build up the resistance. I did find with one particular lot of feedback that it upset me more the first time I read it, and then I brooded on it and made it worse in my head, then when I went back the second time, it was much easier because it wasn’t as bad as I’d built it up. Hopefully I’ll be able to just get past the first couple of steps there, though, in the future!


  4. Christina Olson says:

    Congrats on the new laptop!

    It is tough to wade through beta comments at times. Sometimes, even though the advice is really helpful, it can still hurt, and then there are those times when the advice is pointless, and even though you realize that, it still stings.

    As for your WIPpet – Ouch. If someone said that to me, I’d probably go off on them. I hope Cait did that big time.


  5. ReGi McClain says:

    Would you like a payback opportunity? You’re welcome to shred something of mine. I could use some thick-skin training. πŸ™‚

    I seem to remember wishing Cait would go all Kung Fu on the doctor’s backside when I read this line. I think I had to go back and reread the parts after it several times because it took a while to get my brain to stop thinking about the various ways the doctor should pay for that comment.


  6. John Holton says:

    You have a wonderful Easter, as well! I hope your weekend with your writing peeps works out well.

    Will you be moving the stuff off o the old computer onto the new anytime soon?


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