#MirthMusicMon – Google and Some Josh Groban

So today I was on a bus and somehow got thinking about Eddie Perfect and I was like, “Is he the one who had the routine about Google” and then I remembered, “No, that’s Eddie Ifft”, and then I was thinking about how I liked that Google spiel. So this is Eddie Ifft’s Google rant. Sorry for a bit of bad language.

I was hoping to find an Eddie Ifft song to use a the music part of this post, because then we would have had two Eddies, but the only song I could find that would make sense to people other than Australians got a bit weird in the second verse and I didn’t like it. So when all else fails, Josh Groban, right? This is one of my favourite songs off his most recent album, “All That Echoes”.

To join in on Mirth and Music Monday, simply post some videos like this and then head on over to Regi McClain’s blog, where you’ll find a nice, handy linky. And with that, I leave you to enjoy (or not) your Monday.


P.S. I just posted this, and WordPress congratulated me on my 200th post. So that’s a thing.

3 thoughts on “#MirthMusicMon – Google and Some Josh Groban

  1. ReGi McClain says:

    Google keeps a history, huh? I wonder if I should check… Just kidding. ;-P The mapquest line at the end is the funniest part. 🙂

    What a sniffly Josh Gorban song. It makes me feel all motherly towards him. “Here, Sweetie, let me just finish putting together this brownie sundae for you and we’ll watch that nice violent movie you’ve been hankering to see.”


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