#WIPpet Wednesday – When BFFs know too much.

Happy Wednesday, all!

You know when you’re about to go on a long car trip with a small child and you really want them to go to the toilet beforehand? And they say they don’t need to/can’t and you tell them to “just try”? This has been my attitude to writing this week, and it has worked. I’m not feeling listless/restless/unable anymore, and all because I just tried to write for a bit. I’m also discovering that not all the new material I had made notes about for this next version of AMCF is going to work, and realising that is okay. Just because I had an idea at one point doesn’t mean it HAS to be included. I’m also just doing some idle note-taking for extra material to be worked into scenes that already exist for the most part. I think I was trying too hard to rewrite entire things that didn’t need changing, then I’d get annoyed because I was handwriting things that were already in the old MS.

On a similar note, since I didn’t get around to responding to your comments on last Wednesday’s post individually, just wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU for all the suggestions you gave re: that scene. I have some really good ideas to play with now that I didn’t have before and it is thanks to you folks.

wednesdaybannerSo onto today’s WIPpet! I have ten lines because it’s the nineteenth and 1 + 9 = 10. You know how when you were a teenager or maybe even into your 20s and you had a massive crush on someone, but you thought you were doing a pretty darn good job of hiding it? And then it turns out your best friends know you far too well and it’s apparently really obvious to her(/him)? That’s what Cait’s going through in this excerpt. It’s worse for her because the guy in question is her BFF’s older brother.

I’ve revamped the opening of AMCF so that news of the Prince Sebastian’s assassination and the upcoming war is revealed through a conversation Cait has with Ava, her best friend and Guy’s younger sister. They are wondering whether Guy will be able to come home between National Service on the borders and marching into a full-blown war. Ava has just said she’s sure that Guy would want to see Cait, too, if he is able to get home at all. Oh, and for those who have read earlier version of AMCF, no, Cait and Guy aren’t an official couple anymore. It works better this way, I think.

Warning: I am actually typing this from memory, as I’m on a desk shift at work, and can’t really go on with my actual work because this computer does not have Photoshop, and basically all my non-desk-shift work requires either a photocopier/scanner, of which there is not one in the reading room, or Photoshop. So I figured I might as well do something semi-constructive. Anyway, this is about writing, and writing makes books, and I work in a library, which contains books, so it’s totally work-related, right?

Cait looked down at her hands. “I’m sure he’d rather spend the last weeks before he goes to war with his family.”

“Oh, Cait, you’re not fooling anyone. I’ve known you fancied Guy since… oh, I don’t even remember when I first noticed. And he likes you, too. One of you should hurry up and say something to the other!”

By the time Ava finished speaking, Cait’s face had turned a dark red and she refused to meet her friend’s gaze. She only looked up again when Ava placed a hand on her arm.

“Well, I’ll let you know when he’s home. I’d best be going, I suppose. I was on my way home before, but I thought I’d drop in quickly.”

Cait walked her Ava to the door and then returned to the sitting room, where she tried to read the rest of the newspaper’s headlining article. She was distracted fairly quickly by a fluttery feeling in her stomach, though whether that was concern for Guy going to war, or a kind of giddy delight from Ava’s confirmation that Guy also had feelings for her, she couldn’t tell.

That last paragraph is a bit dodgy and not exactly what I wrote last night, but you get the drift. Where I left off last night, Guy is home, and we are actually get to meet him. He was always an off-stage character before. I am sort of wary of the story turning too much into a Guy/Cait/Felipe love triangle, because I generally despise love triangles, but I think it should be fine.

If you would like to join in on WIPpet Wednesday, we would love to have you! Simply post an excerpt of your current WIP, or the beginning of a new one, that somehow correlates to the date. Then link up with us here and join in the fun! I’ve still got 19 minutes of desk time remaining, but I’m going to go find something else to do for that time. I’ll catch you all later! 😀


20 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – When BFFs know too much.

  1. kathils says:

    Definitely giddy delight. What a fun feeling that was. Well, fun and troublesome all at the same time. And I love your justification for writing at work. 😉 Sounds totally logical and reasonable to me.


  2. Amy says:

    My favorite scenes in any good story that involves love (whether it’s strictly “romance” or not) are the giddy, awkward, nervous moments of realization that both people like each other. There’s just something so satisfying in it. Very nice!


      • Amy says:

        Ah, yeah, the Just-Add-Water love at first sight thing…for me, that’s just a no. I realize it happens sometimes in real life, but for heaven’s sake, novelists really ought to know enough to at least make it interesting somehow. LOL!


  3. Elaine Jeremiah says:

    Great scene. I have a lot of sympathy for Cait, it can be awful liking someone and not knowing if they reciprocate. I know what you mean about love triangles! All in all it’s really interesting to read your excerpts, Emily, and to know that there’s a novel on the way. 🙂


    • Emily Witt says:

      Thanks, Elaine! Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later! The last couple of days I’ve been wishing I could just start a new project because I’m getting a bit restless, but then I remind myself that I really do need to concentrate on this one.


  4. Eden says:

    To me, the only way a “love triangle” works is when the complications (and there are always complications… this is writing we’re talking about) aren’t all because one person wants both. I like “love chain link fences”… 😉

    Glad you left the newspaper in the story… And knowing what I remember of the beta, I suspect I will like what you’re doing with Cait and Guy even more in this version.


    • Emily Witt says:

      “Love chain link fence” – I like that! And I think that’s what I’ve got going here. Cait’s feelings for Felipe definitely don’t appear until Guy is out of the picture.

      I’m actually feeling a bit guilty about killing Guy off now; it turns out he’s quite lovely! I can totally see what Cait sees in him.


    • Emily Witt says:

      I think so! There’s going to be some “Sooo…. what’s going on with you and the prince?” … “Aggrhgghasgas, you heard about that?” conflict, which should be fun.


  5. shanjeniah says:

    I love Cait. If she likes Guy, he must be a pretty swell – uh, guy? =)

    I think I’ve had this conversation. No war, different details, same queasygiddy feeling….

    The last time was 17 years ago. He liked me back enough to marry me! =)

    As for your perfectly rational explanation for your desk-shift activities – you can just call it restocking! =)


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