#WIPpet Wednesday – Now, now…

I once again haven’t written too much this week; my weekend was rather busy and I have only had a few nights at home, on which I’ve been stupidly tired. I think I finally did combat this last night by going to bed at 8:30ish and apart from a couple of incidents, basically sleeping though until my alarm went off at 6 this morning. It was glorious. I’m blaming the exhaustion on the fact that Crucible rehearsals have now started and there’s basically no way to play Abigail Williams without being exhausted at the end of it… Last Thursday we were doing the part where Abigail is threatening the other girls into keeping quiet about their potentially witchcraft-y activities, which requires a lot of simmering fear and hysteria under the surface, which we’ve got to convey. And then on Monday we were doing the scene with Abigail and John Proctor, which required me to go from flirtatious to pleading to angry to mocking to passionate to devastated all within about three pages of script. And we ran it many times. Sleep was difficult on Monday night because it actually took me quite a while to relax afterwards. On the upside, since they kept running through my head, I now know ALL my lines for that scene.

Anyway, what writing I have done in the past week has mostly involved combining bits and pieces from the two versions of Operation: Sugarplum that I had sitting there. In the first one, Max and Clara were complete strangers, in the second they’d known each other all their lives. In this combined version, they’ve known each other a month or so, and I think I’ve finally struck the right balance. I still don’t really know where to take the story after what I’ve already got written, though I did find some notes I made back when I first started which might help…

For WIPpet Wednesday, I’m giving you 26 words because today is the 26th.ย  Max is pretty sure that if they took Clara to see their own kingdom and ran into some of the bad guys, he and Drosselmeier would be able to handle it. Drosselmeier is not so convinced.

“Donโ€™t start getting ahead of yourself, Max. You only defeated one of them last night, and from what you tell me, it was with Claraโ€™s help.”

And now I am going to set up my new bedside lamp on my bedside chest and read for a little while before having another nice, early night. I’ll catch you all later! Check back here on Friday, though, as my post in Shah Wharton‘s Finding Esta will be going up. There are ten copies up for grabs! ๐Ÿ˜€


12 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – Now, now…

  1. kathils says:

    Those lines put me in mind of Han Solo’s response to Luke’s first shoot-down of the enemy. “Great! Now don’t get cocky, kid.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Nothing like putting someone back in their place.


  2. Kate Sparkes says:

    Sounds like rehearsals are going well! I miss that. Well, not the lack of sleep (I got that, too), but the sense of accomplishment and the feeling of performing… *sigh* Wish I could see the performance!


  3. Eden says:

    I used to get sleepless nights before I had to sing… I sympathize, Emily. But you know it’ll be paid off by the end of the performance.

    And yeah… Drosselmeir’s hard at work keeping Max from floating away on the buoyancy of his recent success. ๐Ÿ˜€


  4. Christina Olson says:

    Switching between all those moods would definitely be exhausting! No wonder you crashed so early!

    I admit I’ve been passing out pretty early myself – though for entirely different reasons – and a part of me is tempted to ask if I can go back to working the later shift so I can get even more sleep.

    Drosselmeir has a very good head on his shoulder – hopefully Max will listen to him.


  5. L. Marie says:

    Glad Drosselmeier has given such sound advice.
    Good luck with your rehearsals. You life is so busy, I’m exhausted just hearing about it. So I can see why you would be tired.


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