#WIPpet Wednesday, #ROW80 and some questions

Hello, everyone. I have been wondering some things lately, and I would like your input.

My first question is to those of you who have self-published your novels. I’m wondering where you all got your lovely covers from. I know some of you have clever spouses who were able to do that for  you, and of that I’m rather jealous (though my other half does have editing qualifications so he’s not entirely useless, though before anyone says anything, no, he won’t be the only person I employ to that end). But for the rest of you, is there someone you would possibly recommend? Or, you know, do any of those clever spouses take commissions? I thought if I’m maybe looking to self-pub AMCF this year, I should actually start scoping this sort of thing now. It’s already the end of January, how is that even a thing?

My second question is actually also a “if I’m looking to publish sooner rather than later” question and it is: how early would you say is too early for a Facebook page? I’m one of those who uses her middle name as her surname on Facebook, and I actually pretty strictly adhere to only adding people I know in person as friends. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up an author page for a while now, not necessarily to promote my writing, but to provide a place where I can engage with you lovely folks on that site, and using my full name without it necessarily being conflated with my personal account. But would that be weird at this point or something? I’m just not really sure…

row80-2Since I started at the end of my subject line, going on to the middle, I have a writing goals update. You know, we had a long weekend this weekend just past. I could have done so much writing. I didn’t. I did a bit of editing of AMCF, and I typed up a new scene I had previously handwritten, but that was about it. So I would probably only allow myself half an hour of writing so far this week. But that’s okay. Today is my Friday this week as I finished up with my current job and don’t start my new one until Monday. I finished up today because I’m spending the weekend in Sydney; my boyfriend, Edy, has been in Ethiopia teaching English since mid-December, and since he left for his trip before I got back from mine, I haven’t seen him since about the 4th of November last year. So I’m pretty psyched. So I’ve got the bus trip at least to Sydney, and three or four hours before he actually gets in. And that’s providing he gets in on time.

I did miss out on posting a Mirth and Music Monday post, but I blame that on it being a long weekend, and me therefore forgetting it was Monday. I’ll have to try and find double the amount of mirth and music to make up for it. I have two book reviews lined up for the next couple of alternate Fridays, and I finished reading Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere today, so I’ll write a review for that as well. The next thing I’ll be reading is Shah Warton‘s Finding Esta. Which reminds me, I need to actually put that on my Kindle.

wednesdaybannerOnto the more exciting part of every Wednesday post: WIPpet Wednesday! I have this habit of sharing Operation: Sugarplum with you for a couple of weeks and you get all excited, and then I go back to A More Complicated Fairytale for weeks and weeks again. And… this week is no different. 😛 My WIPpet maths goes as follows: 2 + 9 (for the day) = 11 – 1 (for the month) = 10 lines. It was going to be from page 29, but nothing overly interesting happens on page 29. Well, there is a wedding, but it’s sort of observed from a distance, and I like the bit I’ve chosen more. As I think most people are aware by now, Prince Felipe actually spends a large amount of the story married to a princess from a neighbouring kingdom, because he’s a good boy and marries the woman his father tells him to. (Don’t worry, he gets to be with Cait eventually!) This scene is just after their wedding.

Now the prince and princess were off on their honeymoon, though the destination had been kept a secret. Speculation was rife; had they gone to Aufaron to visit Princess Maria’s family as man and wife, or would they have ventured north to the beaches of Brelallan? Perhaps it would be west to the rainforest and bungalows of Koamwen? Though the newspapers continued to debate the issue for at least a week, the truth was no one actually knew. The newlyweds had left the palace under cover of darkness, and even though many papers claimed to have had someone keeping look-out, every one of these look-outs seemed to have seen something different.

You can join in on WIPpet Wednesday at the linky here. Just post an excerpt from your WIP that somehow correlates to the day’s date. A Round of Words in 80 Days is hosted by Kait Nolan here.

And I’m going to leave it there, because this post has taken me far longer to type up than it should have, and now I have a bit of headache from staring at the screen and should go do something else. I’ll catch you all tomorrow!



13 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday, #ROW80 and some questions

  1. kathils says:

    I have such a soft spot for Felipe…so no one knows where they went for their honeymoon, huh? I bet they didn’t go anywhere. 😉 Just hiding out. I would never want to be in the limelight like that. I’m far too of a private person.

    FB author page…I don’t know that there are any hard and fast rules. It’s a matter of do what works for you, I think. I made mine up after I had something out there. I actually have three FB identities: my personal one (mainly working dog folks & family), my writing one (mainly authors and writerly types) and my author ‘page’ where I try to connect with readers.

    Covers: we should talk. I’ve been known to whip up a cover or two. My own (which is getting overhauled with the release of Book 2) Greylands, Treason! Treason! — send me an e-mail.


  2. Amy says:

    I can imagine just how much time people are spending speculating on where the Royal Couple went on their honeymoon. You’d think that sort of thing happens in real life! Oh, wait.

    I have no advice on book covers, but I do have a FB page. For me, it’s my blog page, but I’m going to change it over as soon as I publish and it will be my author page (you can just change the settings, so it’s easy). The trouble for me is that I’ve connected with a lot of other writers and such, so they are currently all on my personal FB friends list. I need to figure out how to convince strangers to interact with Amy the Author rather than Amy the Friend. LOL!


  3. Kate Frost says:

    What a lovely choice of honeymoon destinations! I love the echo of our own modern day obsession with celebs and royals.

    My book cover for The Butterfly Storm was done using a stock photography image (which I had to pay for although it wasn’t expensive) and then using my ideas my husband had the technical know-how to do the text. I was really happy with how it turned out but I would have hired someone to do the cover if it had looked rubbish! For my Time Shifters trilogy hopefully my brother’s girlfriend will be doing the cover for me as she just so happens to be a children’s book illustrator. 🙂

    I set up my FB author page just as I launched The Butterfly Storm but to be honest I didn’t really get to grips with it or use it until recently. It might be worth setting one up now in preparation for launching your novel and then you’ll have time to build up likes etc.


  4. Ruth Nestvold says:

    Loved all the locations in the excerpt! 🙂

    Covers: I’ve hired cover artists a couple of times, but for most of my books, I’ve done my own with my daughter’s help. I paid for a month’s subscription at a stock art site a while back and collected loads of art for all the projects coming up that I could think of. You could also look into pre-made covers. Those are often incredibly good and quite cheap.

    I have a Facebook author page, but I don’t do much with it, so I don’t think I’m the best person to ask. 🙂


  5. Kate Sparkes says:


    *ahem* Sorry. I love the fact that he’s married to someone else. Play with the tropes. Have fun with it, right? As long as the right people are together at the end.

    As for facebook pages, I’m planning to set mine up in March (assuming I can stay on-track for a June release). I’ll be doing a cover reveal there, and hosting the release party on the page, offering ARCs, etc. I’d say give it at least a few months before the release so people have time to find you there.


  6. catemorgan says:

    Hey, Em–Smashwords has a list of cover artists with apparently affordable prices (haven’t checked it out yet myself), and there’s a site called 99 Designs where you put up the money to host a “contest” for designers compete in and you choose the winner.

    As for FB you want to prime the pump as soon as possible, so I recommend starting an author page asap to begin sharing tidbits and teasers, which can then cross pollinate to Twitter to capture those folks as well.

    Hope this helps!


  7. Eden says:

    Okay… FB author page…. BLEH!!!

    Sorry, had to say that. I mean, FB has its uses, but your reach through it isn’t that great. You’d be a lot better off creating an author “site” (easy enough to do via a WordPress blog and a static front page) and following Facebook’s “do you know this person outside Facebook” (face to face isn’t the only way to know someone outside FB) limitation more according to its wording. Allow people to “Follow” you, but make use of FB’s filters to post things according to Friends, Friends & Acquaintances, Public, and Custom… and MAKE those custom lists ahead of time (they’ll save you time later).

    And yes, set up an Author Page, but remember you need to interact with people via BOTH (directly) to get any amount of real traffic to that Author page. It can really eat into your time. And also keep in mind that FB limits how many times you can change settings on your “business page according to its popularity, so go in as prepared as you can be, Emily.

    As for your WIPpet… I think I told you in my beta of AMCF how much I loved the fact that you used a “newspaper” in a fairytale. Still do! And love the paparazzi thing!


  8. Raewyn Hewitt says:

    Ah can’t help with the facebook thing… have resisted using it at all. But can see it must be another good marketing tool.

    But as for the WIPpet… ahh honeymoons. Of course now I want to know (like everyone else) where exactly did they go. The great thing with books (unlike paparazzi) is that we should get the inside scoop. Yes?


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