A Down Under WIPterview With Emily Witt

Blogging achievement unlocked: interviewed on someone else’s blog. This interview is part of Kathi Schwengel’s series of interviews with all the WIPpeteers. Check it out!

I’m switching things up a bit today. Because of the absolutely insane polar vortex thingie that has us in its frigid grasp, I’ve hopped on the Flying Monkey Express and gone to Canberra, Australia for today’s WIPterview.

*sigh* Fine. I didn’t. But I’ve got a roaring fire going, and I’m pretending to be someplace where my eyeballs don’t freeze as soon as I step out the door. No, I’m not whining. I don’t whine. I do wine. There’s a difference.

Today I have the great pleasure of welcoming…

Please, make yourself as comfortable as you can in that parka. No, those aren’t castanets, those are my teeth chattering. Or is it your teeth chattering? Oh, it is you! I’m sorry, I’m hogging the fire, aren’t I? I bet this weather is quite a shock for someone from the Land Down Under? Would you like a vegemite sandwich? *snork*

Sorry, couldn’t…

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