#WIPpet Wednesday – This is the post that SHOULD have been titled “Aah, cold hands!”

So I had planned to use this WIPpet last week, hence the title. Except then I decided on an earlier excerpt, but forgot to edit the title to reflect that. Ah well. I don’t know how much attention people actually pay to post titles, but in case you do, this one will probably make more sense for you. This is set after the battle with the giant rat-creature-things, once Max has gotten Clara safely inside. She’s on the couch, he’s gathered some medical supplies to treat the wound on her shoulder where the magic hit her and… yeah. My WIPpet math goes like this: It’s the 16th and 6 – 1 = 5 paragraphs. I say “paragraphs”, they’re mostly lines of dialogue. But whatever. On we go!

Max knelt down beside her placing the bowl of water on the floor and the medical supplies next to it. His next move was to take hold of her shirt to pull it over her head, but she flinched away from him.

“Clara, your sleeve isn’t going to roll up far enough for me to do this properly. Please don’t get modest on me now.”

“It’s not that,” she replied. “Just that your hands are cold.”

“Oh. Sorry.” Making a mental note to clean up the mess later, he tipped some of the hot water over his hands, then dried them on his jeans before returning to the task at hand. “Better?”


It occurs to me that in my mental image of the rest of this scene, Clara still has her shirt on, and is not just lying in bra and jeans, but… I’m going to just ignore that because sometimes my brain doesn’t follow the cues the words on the page give it… this happens to me all the time, in fact.

In other news, I’ve been plotting a bit more on my NaNoWriMo stories. Ginny’s story now has quite a bit of plot, including pirates! [Maybe. It’s more sort of that this people need to get from one land mass to another and they’re also not very nice, so…] And it has a title, An Eventual Happily Ever After, which I thought tied in well with A More Complicated Fairytale and also ties in with some of the themes in the story as well. I usually hate coming up with titles for things, but this one came to me as I was staring at the AMCF notes I have on my pinboard, and I did a bit of a happy dance because I was quite pleased with it.

In other other news, I have a job interview at 9am tomorrow and should probably consider wrapping this up, doing some final preparation and then getting an early night. I am reasonably confident about this one; much more than the last interview I went for. I’ve done a couple of practice runs with my other half, so hopefully I won’t just word vomit like I have been known to do in the past. Now to just cross fingers they don’t ask any weird questions about things I didn’t think of. Also that it won’t be as cold as it has been the past couple of mornings, since I don’t have any skin-tone stockings and will therefore be wearing my dress without any. And even though Octobers are supposed to be NICE in Australia, that has not been the case the last few days. I’ve been wearing stockings under my jeans and up to four layers up top.

Anyway, this was all leading up to me saying goodnight. I will get to as many of your posts as I can tomorrow night, but my parents are visiting for the weekend, which means Saturday morning, when I usually do it, is out. Hopefully I’ll get around to most of you though! Goodnight!


13 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – This is the post that SHOULD have been titled “Aah, cold hands!”

  1. kathils says:

    My hubby complains about my cold hands all the time. I can’t help he’s like a furnace and I’m . . . well . . . the ice queen. ;p Good luck on the job interview. I’m sure you’ll be fabulous.


  2. L. Marie says:

    Hope your interview went well (since by the time you see this, you’ll probably have gone).
    Great title! As you said it really goes well with A More Complicated Fairytale.
    I flinched too as Clara flinched. Cold hands always are a shock!


  3. Sirena says:

    Nice scene. I think the relationship between the characters is clear and makes me want to know what happens with them. However, be careful of commas! There was at least one missing that I saw.


  4. Elaine Jeremiah says:

    Great excerpt Emily. I like the way Max is looking after Clara so well. I get a sense too of her discomfort. I was imagining her having to strip down to her bra as well and I can sympathise with you not thinking about that at first – that’s exactly the sort of thing I do!


  5. Kate Frost says:

    I like the way Clara is concerned about Max having cold hands despite the fact she has a wound on her shoulder!

    An Eventual Happily Ever After is a great title. Oh and I hope you nailed the interview. 🙂


  6. ReGi McClain says:

    I hope the interview went well. 🙂 And see. You ARE good at titles. 😉

    Why is it doctors, nurses, and basically anyone whose duty it is to touch your bare skin for your own good always have frigid hands? Either that, or their stethescope (I spelled that wrong but i don’t care at the moment) is sub-zero.


  7. booksbysmiles says:

    Pain or no pain, if cold hands suddenly touched my body, I’d have done some jumping too, possibly sucking in of breath and an utterance of sound, too. Haha, I like the humor in the excerpt though. Nah, she’s not being modest, she just hates cold hands!


  8. Eden says:

    Since I know you’ve already taken your interview now, I won’t hope it goes well. I’ll hope they were wow’d so much by you that they canceled any other interviews they had planned and you’re now happily planning your move in jobs. 🙂

    As for Clara and Max… oddly enough, I still feel that Clara is still fully dressed too. Maybe the text flows in such a way that certain words are being missed?


  9. Shan Jeniah Burton says:

    My husband used to offer to massage me – and he started by upending a bottle of lotion or oil over my back – without ever checking the temperature! NOT the best way to relax a wife!

    Happy day when he remembered to warm the bottle in warm water, or the lotion with his hands, first…

    Nice excerpt. It says a lot about both of them….and I also see her as clothed. I suspect that it’s because the text doesn’t specifically have Max unshirting Clara.

    It reminds me of a scene from Enterprise, where Trip has just agreed to allow T’Pol to share the Vulcan technique of neurporessure, so that he can sleep.

    “Disrobe,” she says, and he splutters something about being flattered but not having showered since morining, and….

    To which she very calmly inquires if he thought she was proposing intimate activities, and he splutters a whole string of utterly unconvincing “no’s”, because, of course, we all KNOW that was exactly what he was thinking (and likely hoping for!).

    It’s a great little scene.

    Also, I’m really excited on the progress you’ve made on Ginny’s story! Love that title! =D

    Hope your interview was a rousing success! =D


  10. Alana Terry says:

    aww, poor thing! Hope she’s ok. How did the interview go?
    I was looking for your email address but couldn’t find it here. I’m looking for just a few more blog stops for the Beloved Daughter audiobook tour if you’re interested. alanaterrybooks at gmal


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