#ShortStorySaturday – Keep Your Enemies Closest – Part 5

I skipped out on Short Story Saturday last weekend (along with all my other weekend blogging commitments), so it’s been a little while since there’s been any Keep Your Enemies Closest. Where we left off last time, Gallivan was interrogating Mireille, and stiffened in reaction to the mention of Mireille’s mother Ineal. This carries on from there. I had to stop halfway through the scene, otherwise it would have ended up about 1000 words long. If you have missed previous parts, they can be found at the KYEC category. So without further ado:


Ineal and her husband had succeeded in breaking into the Dodgish officers’ quarters and stealing all the plans for the following week’s actions. They were caught, but only after they had already passed on the stolen information. Nearly a year on, that week still ranked amongst the worst the Dodgish army had lived through during the war. Dodgish officials had tried all they could to get the details of other members of the party out of Ineal and Perryn but to no avail. The two spies swore they would go to the grave without betraying any of their compatriots.

“So Perryn was your father?”


“Were you involved in that fiasco?”

“No, I’m only nineteen. I was in training then, but I was too young to be sent into the field. I’ve only been a member of the Insiders for seven months.”

The Insiders were a group of highly trained Trilvainian spies. Dodgis had only managed to capture a few of them, but whenever information went missing, it was highly likely that an Insider was behind the theft.

“Seven months,” Gallivan repeated, as an idea for a bargain with Mireille occurred to him. “You can’t have seen too much action in that time. If you were to provide us with information on the Insiders who have done us more damage than you, I may be able to convince my superiors to go easy on you for trespassing on our camp.”

Mireille scoffed. “Why should I believe you?”

“Why shouldn’t you? What have you got to lose?”

“You’re my enemy. You’d have me hand over the others to you and then punish me just as harshly. With my parents gone, the Insiders are all I’ve got. They are my closest friends. I would never betray them.”

This response did not particularly surprise Gallivan, but he had thought that angle was worth a try anyway.

“Very well,” he said. “But tell me, when I caught you last night, were you coming or going?”

“I was just on my way out,” Mireille replied, “if you’d waited just a few more minutes before stepping out…”

“Unluckily for you, I couldn’t sleep,” Gallivan replied. “Did you take anything? I know you got nothing from me, but there are other officers in this camp.”

“Did I look like I was carrying anything?” Mireille’s tone suggested more than anything that she was annoyed being asked what she deemed to be a stupid question.

“Plans can be read over, maps can be memorised,” he retorted, “or maybe you threw what you’d stolen to a contact in the bushes, and then distracted us while he escaped. Isn’t that how your mother did it?”

“Don’t talk about my mother.”

I’m yet to visit all the WIPpet posts for this week, so I’m not going to hang around, and I will instead go and do those. If you would like to join in on Short Story Saturday (you don’t have to be serialising something like I am, just one-off posts are fine), the linky is here. And with that, away I go!



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