A Day In My Life – August 17 – Miniature Castles, an Old English Pub and Professor Brian Cox

As mentioned in my post on Monday, I spent last Saturday taking photos of everything I did for an A Day In My Life post. This has already been posted to LiveJournal in a couple of places, but I thought I would also post it here. Basically, the idea of ADIML is to document your day from when you get up in the morning to when you go to bed that night. One of the goals on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list is to do three ADIML posts; this is the first. There are 45 images, none of them are very big, but I’d say this would still constitute “image heavy”.

I had set my alarm for seven, but I must have turned it off without waking up properly. Luckily it's still a whole half an hour before my bus, and all I need to do is get dressed, eat breakfast and go, so I'm all good!

The daily struggle to get my hair to sit right. I actually managed it this morning, unlike many mornings this week.

Today's outfit. I feel like being a bit garish.

Breakfast and morning medications.

And I've got everything I need.

At about 8:06, I checked the bus timetable on my phone to double-check there was one at 8:15 like I thought, and learn that it is actually at 8:08. I run to the bus stop, but the timetable there says there isn't a but til 9:13. Guess I'll be taxiing to the city, then.

Now paranoid about buses, I double-check the bus to Cockington Green leaves when I assume it does. 9:10. Yes. That is what I was planning on.

I meet up with Edy, who is not quite awake yet. I buy him hot chocolate while he runs some errands before the bus.

Finally on the bus and ready to go! It will take about an hour to get there, because the bus goes through several suburbs on its way. It looks rather dark in the photo, but the day was actually sunny.

Arrived! Finally!

And greeted by misplaced apostrophes. 😦

Om nom nom pikelets. I decided it was morning tea time when we arrived; I needed something sweet.

The entry package we bought entitled us to a free ride on the steam train. The train is leaving six minutes after we leave the cafe so we line up.

On the steam train!

We get very excited by Winnie-the-Pooh and other figures lining the tracks.

And also the "scale model" of the flying saucer.

Miniature Stone Henge, complete with tiny druids and tourists.

Oh noes! Edy is being eaten by the dinosaur! D:

Afterwards, we find buttons to press. Edy's made the train go and mine made some windmills go, but I forgot to take a photo of the windmills.

There are many, many scale models of castles in the International Display section of Cockington Green, but I won't bore you with all the pictures I took.

Hmm… this building looks familiar.

Oh! That's because it's a 1/12 scale model of the entrance building.

It's not quite lunch time when we leave, so we pass some time eating peppermint sticks and playing Go Fish with the playing cards Edy bought from the souvenir shop. We each win a game.

I love pubs. They always feel so homey. That fire was directly behind where I was sitting.

Lunch! Chicken kiev for me, soup for Edy and chips for us both.

After a quick look in some cute little shops like this one…

… it's back to the bus and an hour later, we arrive back in the city.

Time check!

I kept falling asleep on the bus, so since I've got nothing to do for the next little while, it's time for a trip to the library…

… and a nap on a beanbag.

An hour later, I find this book of short stories to read, while Edy goes and finds me some dinner.

Dinner is tabouli and hummous, with vitamin water to wash it down.

At 6:30, I head to the National Convention Centre for Professor Brian Cox's show. I bought a VIP ticket, so I get to hang out in the fancy mood-lit room with the canapes. Sorry for the quality of this photo, I was trying to not make it too obvious I was taking photos of the food.

My ticket!

The stage before the show. Other audience members were taking photos during the show, but my cameras (phone, iPod and actual camera) aren't that great, and I didn't want to miss things because I was concentrating on trying to get a good shot. The show was awesome; he talked about physics generally, and then also his work on the LHC and how his various BBC series have come about (and that he advocates the drinking games for said series – one sip every time he says "million", two sips every time he says "Billion" and finish your drink any time he stands on top of a mountain staring off in to the distance and not doing much [his words – I think he is somewhat bemused by his own shows]).

There was also some talk about his music career in the late 80s; even he doesn't seem to understand why he had hair like that. And we learned he has a lot of One Direction/Justin Bieber rage (mostly about the fact that you can't say anything disparaging abou them on Twitter without getting attacked by hordes of fangirls… he actually got so het up about this he forgot what he had been talking about and had to think about it before he could go back to it).

With 2400 people in the audience, this was just the line for the vending machine in the intermission. Don't know how many people might have actually got to the bar, since the lines for that were even longer.

I didn't really need his DVDs, but I bought them anyway.

This screencap was taken on the way home in the taxi, but I went to bed pretty much as soon as I got home, so that was pretty much the conclusion of my night. Hooray! Thanks for reading!



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