#ShortStorySaturday – Keep Your Enemies Closest – Part 2


It’s totally still Saturday in a lot of parts of the world. 😛 And my Saturday was very busy, hence posting this early on Sunday morning. 😛  When we left off on Short Story Saturday last week, Captain Gallivan had just tackled an invader to his camp to the ground. Today’s excerpt is a bit shorter because I actually need to tidy up the next part a bit before it gets posted. But without further ado:

He was surprised when the person underneath him elicited a distinctly female cry. She struggled against him, but while he did take his weight off her and stand up, allowing her to do the same, he ensured that he still kept her relatively restrained.

“Well,” he remarked to her, “it seems that the Trilvainians were not as entirely unaware of our arrival as we might have liked.” His tone was teasing, but gently so; just enough to remind her he had the upper hand.

She looked back at him defiantly. “Everyone knows you are here,” she replied, her accent making it sound almost as though her words were slurred together, “tomorrow, double the number of men you have with you will be on your doorstep.”

Gallivan refused to let any concern show on his face, despite the churning in his stomach that started up at the thought of what she said possibly being true; they had no way of knowing for certain she was lying.

Instead, he forced a smile and said, “You’re bluffing.”

“Am I?”

Gallivan didn’t answer, and instead look back in the direction from which they had run. Three other soldiers were emerging from the trees. Gallivan’s shout had clearly had the desired effect. He waved to them and seeing him, they quickened their pace.

“Gentlemen,” Gallivan greeted, “it appears our camp has received a special guest, care of the Trilvainian army. This is… oh, I’m sorry, I don’t believe I caught your name.”

“I didn’t give it.” The woman once again struggled against Gallivan’s grip, which he tightened a bit and gave her a shake. She glared at him, before casting her eyes down.

“Mireille,” she responded quietly.

“Mireille,” Gallivan repeated happily, and turned back to the other soldiers. “Gentlemen, this is Mireille. May I introduce Privates Maydar, Setten and… I’m sorry, have we met before?”

“Private Kattar, sir,” replied the third man, “third company.”

“Ah, not one of mine then. Pleased to meet you, Private. I would like you three to escort our guest back to camp. Make her as comfortable as you can, no need for us to stoop to Trilvainian levels of hospitality, but do keep an eye on her.”

Private Setten took Mireille by the shoulders and frogmarched her across the sand, pausing so that Private Kattar could take her by the other shoulder. Private Maydar walked beside them, while Captain Gallivan followed behind.

Ink and Papyrus started SSS up, though I was the one who started the linky for it, and now that I’ve figured out InLinkz properly, I can start resetting it each week as of next week (since it’s a bit late for that for this week now). Said linky can be found here, feel free to add your info! I’m off to work on the rest of the things on my Sunday To Do List now.


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