#WIPPet Wednesday and #ROW80 Update

This was a good week to have a break from writing. It was announced that Peter Capaldi will be taking over the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who, and now everything is the 12th Doctor and nothing hurts. (Everything is also the Eleventh Doctor and everything hurts, but that’s a different matter.)

I’ve also realised that I’ve been ignoring a lot of my 101 Things in 1001 Days goals because I’ve been spending so much time writing. Sure, some of them can’t be achieved right now (though it’s only three months and five days until I go overseas!), but there are some I should be working on, like getting back into playing piano, or finishing knitting a thing. So I’m going to try and concentrate on some of those things as well.

wednesdaybannerAnywho, since I haven’t been writing this week, for WIPpet Wednesday I’m using 7 paragraphs (for the 7th of the month) from last year’s Camp NaNoWriMo. This was my first attempt at writing Friend of the Enemy, but was fraught with bad luck and I didn’t get finished. Lotte is attending the peace negotiations between her country and the neighbouring one with her father. They’ve just arrived, and he’s having a rest, so she goes and finds a spot to read. And on that, the character of Lotte was originally based on Belle from Beauty and the Beast, since it was this Beauty and the Beast fanfiction I wrote for a Disney fanfic challenge which was the original inspiration for this entire story. So she’s pretty used to people judging her because she’s a girl who reads and has her own ideas and things like that. And be warned, this is still raw from the Camp NaNo file, so probably riddled with errors.

Despite it still being only fairly early in the afternoon, the inside of the inn was fairly dark; in one room, however, a large open fire was blazing, and Lotte chose one of the comfortable-looking lounge chairs there to seat herself in. She found her place in the book, and nestled down in the cushions to enjoy the next few hours.

She had only been there for a couple of hours when she was interrupted by an unfamiliar voice. “If you don’t mind my asking, miss, what are you reading?”

Lotte looked up to find a young man around her own age leaning on the edge the back of her chair, looking back down at her. His hair was a bit all over the place, and he wore a pair of wire-framed glasses. His accent was certainly not Dodgish, so Lotte assumed he was Trilvainian.

“Oh, uh, nothing really,” she replied. In truth, the novel she had with her was not exactly a masterpiece of Dodgish literature. In fact, it was mostly badly-written romance, but Lotte had to admit she did enjoy it. It was her only guilty pleasure, and she read plenty of more informative books to make up for it. Keeping her finger inside to mark her place, she closed the book over so the Trilvainian stranger could see the cover.

“Ahh… dreaming of your own handsome hero to come and whisk you away to paradise?”

Lotte felt a blush creep up her cheeks, though at the same time she felt slightly relieved that this boy was just gently teasing her, instead of mocking her harshly like most of the boys back home did.

“To be honest, just having someone to talk to would be nice,” she replied. “I don’t mind if there’s no whisking away involved.”

And that is why I can’t bring myself to read my Doctor Who novel at work, because as nerdy as my workplace is and as much as half of my colleagues also love the show, I am sure someone will tease me about it. So I’m reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo instead, and it’s actually not as hard-going as I’d expected. I expect it might get worse, though; I’ve read the first volume of the graphic novel so I sort of know what’s coming.

If you would like to join in on the WIPpet fun, simply post an excerpt from your current WIP, or write the opening to a new one, which somehow corresponds to the date (eg. 7 paragraphs for the 7th day of the month, an excerpt from chapter 8 for the eighth month, or 15 lines from page 13 for 07/08/2013… we encourage creativity). Once you’ve posted, link up with us at the linky and check out what others have posted. As always, thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting. To visit more ROW80 blogs, here is today’s check-in. With that, I say goodnight, and I will visit you all in the morning. Goodnight! 🙂



21 thoughts on “#WIPPet Wednesday and #ROW80 Update

  1. L. Marie says:

    I remember Peter Capaldi from the season with Donna Noble–one of my favorite seasons. I’m sorry you can’t read the book you want to read without fear of being teased. I used to work in a place like that, where I read a certain kind of book and everyone else read thrillers.
    Enjoyed your excerpt! Lotte seems kind and gentle. I would have said something sarcastic since the guy is a bit presumptuous. I love that she didn’t go there, but instead answered him politely.


    • Emily Witt says:

      It’s not so much the novel itself, but the fact that it’s Eleventh Doctor era – I have a couple of colleagues who don’t particularly like this era and would want to know why I was bothering with additional material.

      Lotte’s generally very sweet, though she can get firey when she needs to. The story has changed a fair bit since I wrote this last year, but she’s still got essentially the same personality and the same issues; they just manifest in slightly different ways.


    • Emily Witt says:

      I feel AWESOME! Don’t think it’s quite time to revisit that WIP, though, so I’ll be focusing on a couple of other projects for a little while.

      Thank you for the compliment! I do pride myself on my dialogue skills, but then I always get feedback saying my descriptions fall a bit short, so I need to work on that.


  2. ReGi McClain says:

    That last line is very cute. 🙂 I sympathize with Lotte re: fluff reading versus serious reading. I get so wrapped up in novels that I have to be extremely careful they don’t cause me to forget little details. Like feeding my kids. Informative reading doesn’t cause that particular problem.


  3. Eden says:

    I love the interplay of Lotte and her new stranger (:-D )

    Ah, and our new 12th Doctor…. I’m actually glad they picked a more mature actor than they had been choosing. For a while I was wondering if Galifrey was another place like Ork (from the sitcom Mork and Mindy) where people age younger… 😀

    Not really, but the joke was kind of there.

    You may feel this piece is raw, and yes it could be tighter, but really, it’s lovely. I know you have a good base for Lotte with Belle, but she comes through more clearly. And… no, no one should be embarrassed about their pleasure reading. Of course, I love my Torchwood and Doctor Who novelizations.


    • Emily Witt says:

      My only wish for the new Doctor was an older actor, and I got that, so I’m really happy. I loved Tennant and Smith, but it was time. A lot of people were talking about some thing where the Doctor’s appearance is supposed to get younger as he gets older, but I’m not sure where they got that from…

      Most of the ones I have are on my Kindle, so no one can tell, but I happened to win a physical copy of this novel. I did discover four Sixth Doctor audio adventures in my downloads folder so I was listening to them while I worked and that was fun.


      • Eden says:

        Oh! Some 6th audiobooks? cool! (I love my Torchwood audiobooks. I haven’t actually done much Doctor Who audiobook listening… though I did get the newer graphic novels.)

        Yeah… I’ve got it bad.

        I think it’s less that there was a reference to the Doctors getting younger so much as people “got used to it” (and maybe mixed up Mork and Mindy references with Doctor Who….).

        Thing is, if you go back and look at the trend, Peter Davidson was definitely younger than Sylvester McCoy, though Paul McGann was clearly back to the Doctors looking younger trend…

        I don’t know what I think about our new Doctor at the moment. I suspect he’ll be good, but… will be be great? What do you think?


      • Emily Witt says:

        They’re more like radio plays, actually, a script with necessary sound effects and everything to set the scene. They’re quite fun. I’ve never really warmed to Torchwood, I have to admit. I watched the first two series, and I’ll admit I cried when Owen and Tosh died, but I’ve only watched the first two episodes of CoE and the first episode of Miracle Day, and I’m not hugely interested in watching the rest, though I’ll probably watch CoE properly at some point for the Peter Capaldi factor.

        I think PC has great potential. I don’t know if you saw the announcement special or any of the interviews following it, but he’s been a lifelong fan and definitely knows what he’s being trusted with (sometimes I have to remind myself that Matt Smith had never watched an episode in his life before he got the role), so I think he’ll put in 200% at every moment. And while I haven’t seen him in much (I am trying to remedy that, though), I have it on good authority he is a brilliant actor. So I’m pretty excited.


      • Eden says:

        Torchwood is a hard one. I loved the first two seasons, but I didn’t feel that the series was allowed to develop the way it could have (when there is a stationary locale, such as Torchwood 4 itself, there is a lot more opportunity to have local involvement, even with a secret organization (that everyone seems to know about)).

        CoE messed me up for days after watching it. I never watched Miracle Day, though my husband said it was even harder hitting ins some ways. That also was a problem for the series. I relied too much on being “hard” to bear.

        But I liked the novels quite a bit. The characters come through better. It’s more human.

        I have no real opinions on Peter Capaldi either way. I don’t know much about him except his involvement in one of the Donna Noble episodes and a Torchwood one. Clearly he does have a passion for the series. That should help. Part of David Tennant’s charm was his clear love and passion for the series…

        I saw some of how they did the recording for some of the older Tom Baker records… These Sylvester McCoy ones sound cool… Can I be envious now? 😀


  4. Christina says:

    I used to be embarrassed about reading romance novels as well – if only because the covers were so cheesy and horrible. Now that I have a nook, I don’t have to worry about people seeing what I’m reading (unless they try to read over my shoulder!)

    I enjoyed the conversation between Lotte and stranger.


    • Emily Witt says:

      E-readers definitely have made it easier! I have all the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary shorts on my kindle, it just happens that I won a physical copy of this particular novel. But I’ll get to it!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Kate Frost says:

    It’s good to be able to read something new of yours (or oldish if you wrote it last year) and I like the interplay between Lotte and the mysterious young man – her love interest perhaps…?


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