#WIPpet Wednesday – Meeting the parents, and #ROW80 Update – Second draft almost there!

It’s WIPpet Wednesday!


And I made a new banner, because I was bored of my old one. I’m getting creative with my WIPpet maths today, because I don’t like sharing long excerpts. AMCF is really my only project at the moment (until I sit down and figure out how to go about the rest of Operation: Sugarplum) and it isn’t a long story to begin with (the second draft will come in around 35k), so I don’t want to give too much away. Today is the 31st and 3+1=4, so here are four paragraphs that I wrote over the weekend.

“You look stunning,” he said, kissing her hand again as she met him at the top of the stairs.

Cait blushed. “I wish I’d had longer to find something appropriate to wear.”

“You know you could turn up here wearing a potato sack and I’d still be pleased to see you.”

“It’s not you I’m worried about impressing.”

Meeting your beloved’s parents for the first time is always a bit nerve-wracking, but spare a thought for Cait, whose future in-laws are the King and Queen (and from what she can gather, the King doesn’t entirely approve). This is not a situation she ever expected to be in, and no amount of assurance from Felipe is really going to allay her nerves.

If you would like to join in on the WIPpet fun (and we love newbies!), just post an excerpt from your current WIP, or the opening of what may become a new one, that somehow relates to the date. For today, the 31st of July, you might post something as simple as 31 sentences from Chapter 7, or just 31 lines, or 7 paragraphs, or do something like what I did and get creative with it. I can assure you the WIPpet Police are pretty lenient. Then link up with us here and check out what others have shared. As always, many thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting.

So how have I done with the writing so far this week? Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen this tweet I posted on Monday night:


And I’m on track for that. On Monday night I typed up what I had handwritten over the weekend. I also had to fix some formatting issues that occurred transferring the “Word document” from my tablet to my laptop, but I discovered opening the file in Wordpad rather than Word first seemed to fix that. Remember Wordpad? Yeah, me neither, til I had to. I wasn’t even sure it would be on newer computers, but apparently it’s still there. By the time I went to bed on Monday, all the pieces were in Scrivener, it was just that some of the scenes need finishing. I went through and made note of these scenes on the cork-board view, then I started going over them last night. In terms of number of words written, it probably wasn’t that many, but there was plenty of figuring out exactly how to finish scenes up, or how to add in an important tidbit that I wanted in particular place.

row80-2On the train on the way home from my parents’ place on Sunday, I finally got around to working out a timeline for the whole story. I downloaded a timeline app months ago for this express purpose, but it’s just sat around until now. You’d think I’d have figured my timeline out before the end of the second draft, but no; it’s sort of hovered around but I hadn’t gotten down to it. It’s only rough, since I just tied everything to months rather than specific days, but it’s good enough that I can look at it and say, “Okay, yes, there’s only three months between those two events, I seem to have said two months here and six months here.”

Once I have my second draft, I’m going to compile it into a Word document so I can track changes and make sure I have things like the timeline straight. I also need to be consistent with things like “the prince” versus “the Prince”, and also my dialogue punctuation (as much as incorrectly punctuated dialogue in others’ work upsets me, I know mine isn’t perfect, either). And Cait’s mother finally has a name as of last Saturday (had to brainstorm with my own mum to come up with something I liked). so that should probably be introduced sometime before the final chapter, which is where it is at the moment.

In between working on that, I might hopefully get around to doing some more work on my other goals, namely outlining Operation: Sugarplum and Friend of the Enemy.  If you read my ROW80 sponsor post, Friend of the Enemy is the epic fantasy saga that is amazing in my head, but which I can’t get down on paper. Finishing the outline may or may not help with that, but it will get me one step closer. I may try and do some flash fiction for it for WIPpet Wednesdays, so that I’m not always trying to find non-spoilery bits from AMCF.  It’s possible that I just need to get a first draft down and then I can work on fixing it. I did write about 20k on it for June Camp NaNoWriMo last year, but I’ve changed a lot of it since then, so I’m not sure how much still applies.

Anyway, this post kind of got away with me! I shall leave you now while you still have some time to go visit other blogs. Tata!



30 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – Meeting the parents, and #ROW80 Update – Second draft almost there!

  1. Kate Frost says:

    Ah Felipe is so in love with Cait. 🙂 And yes, meeting ‘the parents’ for the first time is a nerve-wracking experience so I really feel for Cait meeting the King and Queen – fancy having them as in-laws. Huge congrats on nearly finishing your novel!


    • Emily Witt says:

      Isn’t he? *squishes him* 😀 Writing this scene so soon after all the royal baby excitement made me wonder what it must have been like when William took Kate home for the first time. I don’t envy her at all!


  2. kathils says:

    I hope Cait handles her new in-laws better than I would! I’m sure I’d say the wrong thing at the wrong time, or eat with the wrong fork, or something horrid.

    Congrats on your goals, it’s looking good all the way around. I’ve been having Timeline issues as I finish my first round of edits on Emergence. Hopefully I have them all straightened out before my Betas attack it!


    • Emily Witt says:

      She doesn’t have to deal with too much at this time, since the queen is actually pretty down-to-earth and the King is between meetings with advisors and therefore doesn’t actually have much time for her (which is perfectly okay with her).

      Good luck sorting out your timeline issues. I had no idea they could be so problematic until AMCF came along!


  3. ReGi McClain says:

    Doesn’t it just kill you when you have something incredible to write but it won’t come out? Yeah. Me too. I hope Friend of the Enemy starts to come together for you soon.

    There was a point at which I assumed Felipe was already married, but I guess not? Maybe it was soon-to-be or had-been? Or maybe I just connected the wrong dots?

    I wonder if the potato sack thing would really work. It doesn’t sound particularly comfortable. It would take a lot of alteration to make it flattering. I’ll do unflatteringly comfy. Not sure I’d bother with uncomfortable and unflattering. Maybe guys just have this thing for potato sacks. Maybe all the fashion designers have it backwards. Instead of low-rider jeans and mini-tees, we should all be wearing burlap muumuus. 😉


  4. Fallon says:

    Good luck to Cait. And probably a good thing she’s dressed in more than a potato sack. 🙂
    Great job on your goals. Timelines are something I struggle with as well.


    • Emily Witt says:

      Haha, probably! It is a new dress but – gasp! – shop-bought, not handmade and unique! (Since a morning’s notice did not really allow any time for anything else).

      This is the first time I’ve really had timeline issues… but then usually I don’t have periods of several weeks or months glossed over in a couple of paragraphs.


  5. Eden says:

    A new WIPpet image — I was thinking of making one and then got distracted. Really like your, Emily.

    I don’t envy Cait at all. I’ve been married to my husband for eleven years and we’ve dated for another 10 before that… I still dread how I “present myself” around his parents.

    I wonder if your mind is blocking you on Friend of the Enemy because you’re looking at it as a serious project. Maybe you should just start writing it down playfully? Maybe make a bit of a fanfic out of it? Don’t write the story… just take the characters out of their world and write them in another story universe for a time?

    Let them, and yourself, play


    • Emily Witt says:

      I’ve been lucky in that I’ve only had to deal with it once – my other half’s father passed away well before I met him, and his mother remarried and now lives in Holland with her Dutch husband… she did visit Australia last year and I met her then, but I think she was treated that trip as potentially being her last one, making sure she visited all the important people, etc.

      I think that’s what I am going to do – there are a few scenes that are in my head more clearly than others, so I think if I play around with them, the rest will come together naturally. Here’s hoping anyway.


  6. Debbie_e says:

    Thanks for sharing you rparagraph – it made me chuckle. I shouldn’t worry about the tiem line. I have one when I start but it constantly changes as the story does. It’ll sort itself out.
    Glad you’re on track. Best of luck getting it finished (I’m hoping to have a second draft by the end of August!)


    • Emily Witt says:

      Thanks, Debbie. I’ve been a bit lazy this second half of the week, so I don’t think it’s going to be finished by the end of today, but hopefully not too much longer.


  7. shanjeniah says:

    My in-laws live in Oregon, and we live in New York. They’re nice people, and we get along fairly well. We just learned that my father-in-law had a mini-stroke two days ago…he wasn’t hospitalized, so we’re taking that as a good sign.

    I feel for my husband, though. My parents live a short distance down our road. The children see them, but, because they aren’t open to moving toward some resolution of past history, I am estranged from them – one incident too man, in front of four young kids (two mine; two not) whom I don’t want to see become the next link in the cycle…I’ve been vilified, and my husband, who has never been anything but kind to them, got lumped in with me.

    I hope that one day things will be consistently civil if never close…but Jim got the short end of the in-law deal, in this marriage.

    I love these lines. Simple, but they convey a lot.

    And, at this point, you are free to picture me down on my creaky knees, begging you to share your Timeline app. With six WIPs already in progress, and a double series that uses both archaic time measurements and stardates, and spans decades and multiple worlds, I often find myself with a full-on case of Timeline Tanglecitis.

    You just may possess my cure! =D

    I love the banner. May I use it, too? I may make one at some point. I’m still learning about photo effects, and none too confident, yet.

    And congratulations on nearing the home stretch with your WIP. I tend to ease up for a few days before I add those last scenes, too.


    • Emily Witt says:

      Thanks Shan. My mum and I have a reasonably close relationship, though we both have short fuses, so it’s rare we get through an entire visit without arguing over something or other that we shouldn’t. I live five hours away, though, so that is rare, thankfully.

      The one I have on my tablet is just called “Timeline” and the logo is a yellow T on a blue background if I remember correctly (it might be the other way around – tablet is not nearby right now and I’m lazy :P), though I might suggest this one which is for your desktop, also just called “Timeline” which looks like it could be made to go into a bit more depth.

      Definitely feel free to use the banner! 😀 And thanks for the kudos – I’m just polishing up some final details tonight, and then I’ll be able to call it finished. Then I think I’m going to put it away and work on something else for a while. I realised the other day I was having moments of frustration with the characters where I would usually want to squish them, so I think it’s time for a break.


  8. Gloria Weber says:

    Meeting the parents sets a tone for the future, for sure. I do hope it goes well for Cait.

    Personal deadlines can be a double edge sword. I try to give myself wiggle room, though even that isn’t always enough.


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