#ROW80 Round 3 Goals and Reflections on Round 2


A Round of Words in 80 Days
The writing challenge which knows you have a life

Goodness me, where is this year even going?! The end of Round 2 of ROW80 snuck up on me and took me completely by surprise, even though I had it in my diary from the beginning that it would finish up on June 20.

While laziness did pull me down somewhat in Round 2, I still feel it was a productive few months, writing-wise. I didn’t finish either of the outlines I planned to (Operation: Sugarplum and Friend of the Enemy), but I pantsed a fairly decent 7000 words of O:S and am somewhere between a third and halfway through the second draft of A More Complicated Fairytale.

I didn’t enter either of the short story competitions I had planned to, either, mostly because I couldn’t think of anything that pertained to either theme. I also dropped out of A Story a Day in May about halfway through the month, but I don’t feel too bad about that; most of the time I wasn’t writing short stories because I was working on my WIPs, and I think they’re a little more important. I do still want to find somewhere I can submit short stories, though, and write some on my own terms. Some of my Story a Day pieces may well get fleshed out into something.

Round 3 begins tomorrow, so I suppose it’s time that I list some goals. There are several things I’d like to see achieved by the end of this round. These include:

  • Finish Draft 2 of AMCF and send to betas. The second draft is going to be at least 50% longer, looking at it now (it was only 22000 words to begin with, so that’s not as huge as it might sound at first), but if I get my act together, it can still be finished up by the end of the round.
  • Write an outline for Operation: Sugarplum so that I can figure out where it’s going and pull it back off the shelf. I really need the full-length version of the original Nutcracker story, but I’ve been lazy.
  • Write an outline for Friend of the Enemy.
  • Investigate short story options as mentioned above, particularly if there are any Australian magazines, etc, that take submissions.

My week-to-week goals aren’t going to change much from the last couple of rounds, though. I still aim to write for a minimum of two hours a week, though I usually manage three or four. Better to aim small and over-achieve  than the other way around. I have also signed up to be a sponsor for this round, so visiting my “team’s” posts is also a must. The last couple of rounds I’ve actually been really awful at supporting my fellow ROWers, so this will give me the push I need. In the interests of all my goals being measurable, I’ll add “spend an hour a week looking at short story options” to the list. If I find any places, I can then start working out what I’m going to write for them.

That’s about all I need for a goals post, right? It’s time I went to bed now, but I’ll be back here tomorrow for Music and Mirth Monday and on Wednesday for our first check-in and WIPpet Wednesday. See you then!

~ Emily


7 thoughts on “#ROW80 Round 3 Goals and Reflections on Round 2

  1. Debbie_e says:

    I’m fascinated by the title Operarion:Sugarplum. What’s that about?
    I always find it hard to find something to write for short story competitions and gave up on them a while ago as novel writing takes up so much of my free time. Good luck with your though, I’ll come back to see how you get on.


    • Emily Witt says:

      Thanks, Debbie! Operation: Sugarplum is a modern-day adaptation of The Nutcracker, with throwbacks to both the original story (of which I’ve only actually gotten around to reading an abridged version so far) and the ballet. I pantsed the first 5000 words or so, but it’s at a point where I really need to actually figure out where it’s going. If you’re interested, you can read a few excerpts of it under this category

      It’s highly possible that I will eventually come to the same conclusion re: the short stories, but it’s something I’ve wanted to do, so I figure I should really invest some time in it and see where it gets me. Worst that can happen is that I realise I should also stick to novels.


      • Debbie_e says:

        Sugarplum sounds like the sort of thing I might like. I’m going to read the excerpts in a bit.
        Your attitude to the shorts sounds about right. Good luck with them.


  2. Elise VanCise says:

    Love the idea behind Operation Sugarplum. The Nutcracker has long been a favorite tale 🙂 It looks like you’ve got some good solid writing goals. That’s the focus of this round for me too. Get the damn book done! LOL Good luck!


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