A Delayed #WIPpet Wednesday

So according to the world clock I just googled, it’s Thursday in most places now, but if it’s still Wednesday in a small number of places in America, that’s close enough, right? Besides, I’m sick and have a medical certificate to prove it, and last night when I would usually write my WIPpet Wednesday post, the Australian Government decided to go to shit. I wasn’t actually planning on watching the coverage because,  let’s be honest, I prefer to live in my little apathetic bubble, but somehow I got sucked in. If you are more politically-minded than I and would like to read more, the ABC has some good stuff here. Anyway, onto more interesting things! Yay!

wippetwednesdayTo join in on WIPpet Wednesday is easy! All you need to do is post an excerpt from your current WIP, or create an opening to a new one, that somehow correlates to the day’s date. For example, I’m posting 26 sentences because… yesterday was the 26th (okay, these Thursday posts get a bit confusing), but you could also post 26 lines/paragraphs/words, something from  Chapter 26… you get the idea. The add your link to the blog hop and check out some of our other participants! 😀 Once again, thank you to the lovely K. L. Schwengel for hosting! 😀

Anyway, you might remember a couple of weeks ago, I posted the scene from AMCF where the Gallit men attacked  the hospital where Cait works? And then the next day I was bothered because Meg was starting to take over the story? Well, I have managed to reign Meg in a bit, but the following is from a scene not long after this one, and from Meg’s POV. Originally, there were going to be a few from her perspective, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I think some of them are better happening off-screen and explained later, which makes things a lot easier.

Meg watched from back in the safety of the dormitory as Cait was dragged away by the Gallit men, then she turned to the beside chest and started pulling out the spare set of clothes she kept at the bottom of the drawer.

“Meg, what are you doing?” Hattie asked and then, almost as incredulously, “are those trousers?”

Meg shrugged as she pulled the trousers on under her nightgown. “You never know when you might need a pair.”

“Meg, are you planning on just walking out there and fighting them? It’s terrible that they took Cait, but don’t let them take you as well!”

“No,” Meg said and when she looked at Hattie after pulling on the shirt, her eyes were bright. “I’m going to steal a horse and follow them.”

“They could be miles away by the time you get a horse saddled.”

“Who said anything about saddling?” When Hattie’s response to this was to continue looking confused, Meg added, “Hattie, I grew up on a farm with five older brothers. I’ve been riding bareback since I was four. I only need a horse.”

She laced up her boots and shoved some money into a bag which she then slung over one shoulder. She then moved to the window and pushed it up. She was just about to sling one leg over and climb out when Hattie grabbed her by the arm.

“Meg! What are you planning to do once you know where they’ve taken Cait? March home and go straight to the prince and tell him?

“Actually, yes.” She paused, as though deciding how much to tell the other woman. “I said I grew up on a farm and that’s the truth, but for the two years before I came here, I was on the staff at the palace. Remember how Prince Felipe was always running off?” Hattie nodded. “I was one of the ones who sent the guards in the wrong direction so he could get further away.”

“You knew him before he came here.”

“Not overly well. But enough that when Cait told him that she was enlisting here, he asked me to enlist too and make sure nothing happened to her. I was to inform him the second she was in any danger.”

You get a bonus 27th sentence because that felt like a better place to stop than the line before it, even though Meg says more after that. Yes, Meg is the blonde maid in last week’s WIPpet. Speaking of which, I feel like a horrible person, because so many of you gave me such lovely, helpful comments last week and I didn’t return the favour to any of you. So as soon as I have posted this, I shall be visiting every single post on the linky, and keeping an eye on it in case anyone new appears, and I shall be commenting EVERYWHERE! That is my promise to you.

On that note, I shall be off! 😀

~ Emily


19 thoughts on “A Delayed #WIPpet Wednesday

  1. kathils says:

    Aw, Felipe, you ol’ softy! Or is it sly dog? Or perhaps, conniving . . . um . . . sorry, got carried away. 😉 So, Meg is much more than what she seems, huh? Interesting.


  2. Kate Frost says:

    Go Meg! I love it when a character is more than they first seem and it’s great that she was the maid from last week – very clever having Felipe enlist her too to look after Cait.


    • Emily Witt says:

      😀 I’m hoping that will be clear enough to readers that she’s that particular person they already briefly saw. Though it does get pretty much pointed out specifically towards the end if all else fails.


  3. Christina Olson says:

    It’s been a busy week for politics, hasn’t it? Personally I was distracted by following the Texas Senate Filibuster for most of Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Go get them Meg! I loved this bit and can’t wait to see what happens next!


    • Emily Witt says:

      It has, hasn’t it? I only heard about Wendy Davis in the last few hours and I was at work, so I couldn’t watch any of it, but I did follow pretty closely on Twitter.

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed! 😀


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