Having a (Sky)whale of a time.

I had to share this, just to show the sort of ridiculous things my city does for its centennary. (It has also been doing some cool things, but I’m not sure this is one of them).

guide to nothing

So 2013 is Canberra’s 100th birthday. Centenary, whatever. A lot of stuff has been going down, some of it regular, some not so much. Firmly in the latter category is a little thing called the Skywhale. I kind of want to see if I can put off showing you the picture for as long as possible, to more accurately convey just how much this thing defies description. It’s a hot air balloon, which is not abnormal for the ACT, most weekends a dedicated crew of balloonists take off from around the slightly toxic sludge puddle that separates the North Side from the South Side and do a pretty good job of making the sky look pretty (weather permitting.) This hot air balloon, however, was commissioned by the ACT government and made by expatriate artist Patricia Piccinini. A fairly innocuous concept, so far, so good. Until you see it. In…

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