#WIPpet Wednesday – In which our leads meet.

Wheeeee! This is my 100th post! Never actually thought I’d find a way of sticking to blogging this long! 😀


But really, is it already Wednesday again? How does this even happen? Anyway, today is the 15th, so I have fifteen lines from AMCF for you. I’ve recently been reworking the entire opening of the story in order to better establish the setting. Instead of a ball to choose Prince Felipe a wife, there is now a big festival held in the city, with both royal families and entertainers coming from all the surrounding kingdoms. Cait and her family are one of the non-noble families who are able to attend thanks to being drawn in a ballot. In this scene, Cait and her sister, Ginny, have just watched a magic show performed by Lorenzo the Magnificent, who has travelled from another kingdom to take part in the festival. His finale was the sawing-a-woman-in-half trick, and they are wondering how he did it when this excerpt begins.

“There were two women in the box,” said a hooded man who had been sitting on Ginny’s other side. “That’s how he did that one.”

“How do you-” Ginny turned to the speaker and stopped talking as she recognised the face under the hood. “Cait, it’s…”

The cloaked man held up a finger to quickly quiet her. “Please don’t give me away. I’m trying to avoid my guards at the moment.” He gave Ginny a wink and she practically swooned. By now Cait had realised that they were speaking to Prince Felipe himself and gave him a wry smile.

“My sister is a fan of yours, you Highness. Please forgive her excitement.”

“Not at all,” the prince replied, a bemused smile on his own face as he lowered his hood.

“Cait said we wouldn’t get to meet you,” Ginny said excitedly. “I told her she was wrong.”

“Cait, I’m sure, was not expecting that I would be sitting next to you for a magic show.” He leaned forward and whispered conspiratorially, “At this very moment, I should be dining with the eldest princess of Brelallan.”

“Then why aren’t you?” Cait didn’t mean to ask such a direct and perhaps slightly accusatory question, not to the prince, but it was out of her mouth before she could remind herself who she was talking to.

The prince did not seem too perturbed, though. “Have you ever had to spend time with women who have been raised only to aspire to one day marry a prince?”

“I can’t say that I have, your Highness.”

“Then count yourself lucky. I would much rather spend my time at magic shows in the company of such charming ladies as you and your sister, than dining with any of them.”

As he spoke the words, a yell was heard behind them, and the prince looked up with a start. Someone shouted “There!” and a group of men in the red uniforms of the palace guard pointed towards Cait, Ginny and Prince Felipe where they were all still sitting on the benches in front of Lorenzo the Magnificent’s stage.

Glancing back at Cait and Ginny, the prince quickly stood and replaced his hood over his head. “It’s been lovely,” he said with a nod, and then leapt across three benches and away from the guards. They shouted again and ran after him, but Cait saw him quickly blend in with the crowds and silently wished the guards luck. They were probably going to need it.

“Cait!” Ginny grasped Cait’s arm tightly. “Can you believe it? We met him! We met Prince Felipe! And he called us charming!”

“Yes,” Cait replied with much less enthusiasm than her sister. “And did you hear the way he talked about those poor women as though they were dirt under his feet? Poor girls. One of them is probably going to have to end up married to him.”

Oh, Cait. You just have no idea, do you? 😀

Feel free to join in the WIPpet fun with me and the other WIPpeteers! All you need to do is post an excerpt from a current WIP that somehow corresponds with today’s date (so 15 lines/words/paragraphs, an excerpt from page or chapter 15, etc). The hop over to the linky and leave your link. Thanks to K. L. Schwengel for hosting! 😀

I was going to do the stuff for the Shine On award which the lovely L. Marie nominated me for, but I am finishing this post on my work computer, and we are expected to use an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer that does not agree with my WordPress reader, so I can’t get my list of followees up to decide who to nominate in my turn. So I shall leave that for now, perhaps include it on Sunday’s check-in.

row80A quick ROW80 check-in while I’m here. As I said, I didn’t manage to work on either of my WIPs on Monday night, so wrote a short Story A Day story instead. Yesterday, however, I managed to figure out where Operation: Sugarplum had to go next, and wrote 1000 words of that. Max, Clara and Drosselmeier are about to visit the story’s equivalent of the Sugarplum Kingdom and meet the Sugarplum Fairy (who has nothing to do with sugarplums and may or may not be a fairy [haven’t figured that bit out yet] but goes by that name because of Reasons). There is also going to be some fighting against the enemy. Should be fun. I wrote about 100 words over breakfast, and will hopefully get a good bit more done during my breaks today.

Speaking of which, I was in the office at 7:05 this morning (yes, I am a crazy person; also, I need to leave early today), and it’s now 9:07, which I think means morning tea time, don’t you? Catch you later!

~ Emily


28 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – In which our leads meet.

  1. Raewyn Hewitt says:

    I love writerly Reasons! Nice introduction too – it feels like it has more colour. How come those guys I sit next never turn out to be Princes under those hoodies?

    PS. Hugely impressed by your dedication to work!


  2. kathils says:

    Congrats on 100 posts. *raises glass*

    *le sigh* I’ve yet to sit down next to a prince at anything. Some men who thought they were princes, perhaps. 😉 I really like this beginning, and the fact that Cait is feeling sorry for whatever woman has the grand misfortune to wind up married to Felipe!


    • Emily Witt says:

      Thank you! *chinks glass*

      I was thinking after I answered Raewyn’s comment that I technically did meet my boyfriend in a similar context, though we weren’t actually sitting anywhere near each other until the second time we were there together. I’d better not let him read any of this, though, the prince ideas might go to his head.


  3. Alana Terry says:

    what a fun and cute way for them to meet! This makes all the other WIPpet posts make sense now! I love how you end it. She has no idea what’s coming, does she? Good job!


  4. Kate Frost says:

    That’s a great place to end and I love the fact that Cait has no idea of what’s heading her way… Good job on the writing front – I need to follow your example and start squeezing in writing over breakfast etc. I’m so impressed with how much you get written. Yay to 100 posts too!


    • Emily Witt says:

      I thought that was a good spot, I was so pleased when it fell in fifteen lines like that. I still wish I could be this productive when I don’t have things to squeeze writing in around, but I guess if I have to keep the day-job, then I can live with that. Could be worse.


  5. elaine jeremiah says:

    I really enjoyed that Emily. The characters’ interaction with each other was great. I like how Cait has no time for the prince – but yet you commented at the end she doesn’t have a clue what’s coming next! I look forward to your next contribution to WIPpet Wednesday. BTW when Cait tells Felipe her sister is a fan of his, should it read ‘your highness’ rather than ‘you highness’? Thought I’d mention it in case.


    • Emily Witt says:

      Thank you for catching that, yes, that is what it’s supposed to be! At this point, Cait thinks it’s just a one-off chance meeting and thinks nothing of it. Little does she know…


  6. Eden says:

    The ones who seem least matched almost always show themselves to be the best couples… I do like that their both somewhat headstrong, and of course the fact that Ginny can play the “I told you so” game is going to add some good character building.


      • Eden says:

        Cool… (I’m a huge fan pf well developed secondary characters. There is so much world that get ignored through the eyes of the protagonists and antagonists…)


  7. jessicaminyard says:

    They are gonna fall in lurve! And Cait doesn’t even know it yet. I have to confess, I’m a sucker for those kind of relationships. *does happy dance*

    And congrats on reaching 100 posts! Keep on keepin’ on!


    • Emily Witt says:

      Ginny would totally have been a Beatles fan in another time and place. 😀 I’m glad you liked her fangirl moment!

      The next couple of WIPpets may well be from O:S so watch this space.


  8. shanjeniah says:

    100 posts! YAHOO!

    Some years ago, i started this new job, and met this guy. I didn’t like him much.

    Less than six months later, we were married.

    That was closing in on sixteen years back, now…turns out, I liked him a whole lot. And he makes wonderful children, too! =)

    I love this excerpt. What a way to meet these characters!


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