#StoryADay in May Day 10 – Who actually takes an eight-year-old that seriously?

Click the image to be taken to the Story A Day website

Click the image to be taken to the Story A Day website

It’s been ten years to the day since Marie uttered those fateful words and was whisked away to become her Nutcracker’s queen and she’s never felt so trapped. After all, who takes the word of an eight-year-old no seriously as to marry them off after one naive declaration of love?

It’s not that anyone has treated her badly or as though her every desire hasn’t been fulfilled. In fact, that is part of the problem: the King is lovely, the people are lovely, everything in this Kingdom is just so maddeningly perfect that she thinks she may go crazy from the monotony.

With all this in her head as she makes her way down to the courtyard to meet her people and celebrate with them the tenth anniversary of her coming to the kingdom, an idea begins to form in her head. All eyes are on her today. Perhaps it’s time to cause some havoc, make people realise she’s not as perfect as she’s made out to be. Perhaps it’s time to shatter those perfections and make this world worth living in again.


I’m quite glad I rewrote that final line; it sounded quite ominous the first time around, but this way is much more uplifting. When I initially decided I wanted to write something inspired by the Nutcracker, I read the book so I knew the original story as well as the ballet. When Marie tells the Nutcracker she would love him in smile of his ugliness, his curse is cooker and not only is he now a dashing prince, but she immediately is whisked off to live in his kingdom and they are married a bit later. Considering it is specifically stated that Marie is 8, I did find that a little bit unnerving and one of my initial ideas was how Marie would actually feel about this later in life. While Operation: Sugarplum is what I eventually started writing, this idea has still stuck with me.

Once again, please blame typos on the fact that I’m writing on my tablet, or that I have once again not had time to write today until I should really be in bed (my parents are visiting). I Shall leave it there for tonight, but hopefully I’ll be back to writing things of length and quality by the end of the weekend. Goodnight!

~ Emily

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