#WIPpet Wednesday, #ROW80 and the Versatile Blogger Award


I’m sorry I left you all wondering with last week’s WIPpet Wednesday. It was too much to resist. But here, let me now enlighten you. That one line, The further through [Felipe] read, the more his brow furrowed, until his expression was darker than Cait had ever seen it before, takes place as Felipe reads a report of which of his men survived the explosion that put him in hospital and who didn’t. He, uh… doesn’t take it so well? Here are the following 16 (8×2) paragraphs. It was only going to be 8 but I really wanted to include the shouty bit.

When he finished, he lowered the papers slowly, but he didn’t look at Cait. He just stared at the wall instead. Cait didn’t know whether to try to say something comforting or to let him process everything in silence.

When he had still barely moved a few minutes later, she leaned forward and placed a hand on the edge of his bed. “Felipe?”

He turned in her direction, but seemed to barely register she was there. “These were good men,” he said. “Why should I have survived when they did not?”

“That is what happens in war.”

This didn’t placate him at all. “Look,” he said, motioning to one of the names on the list. The registrar had written “Died of wounds” next to it. “This man had a wife.”

“So do you.”

Felipe managed to raise an eyebrow at Cait without betraying any of the wit or humour Cait had come to associate with receiving that expression from him.

“His wife was his entire world. He never stopped talking about her. You of all people should know, Cait, that I can only wish for a love like that.” Cait did not know how to respond to that so she remained quiet. “These men deserved to live far more than I. But, no, it’s all ‘Quick, we have to save the Prince. The Prince must be saved!'” Cait had never heard him sound so bitter.

“Please, Felipe, don’t talk like that.”


As he held the words, he picked up the coffee mug from the tray in front of him and hurled it at the wall. Cait winced as she watched it shatter into tiny shards and sat back in her seat, deciding Felipe needed the space.

After a few deep breaths, he turned to look at Cait and his expression softened. “I’m sorry, Cait. I shouldn’t be taking this out on you. I thought I’d prepared myself for this but… seeing it written, I just…” He trailed off and looked away, tight-lipped. It was clear to Cait he was struggling to maintain his composure.

“Should I go?” she asked quietly.

“No, please stay. I won’t lose my temper again. I don’t want to be alone, Cait.”

“All right.”

My poor baby, I really do put him through a lot. (I was rewriting a scene from early on in the story last night and had him leap across three benches to get away from his guards. Then I realised he wouldn’t be able to do something like that at the end of the story because of the leg injury I give him and the whole having-to-walk-with-a-cane thing. And then I felt awful. For a moment)

Please feel free to come and join in the WIPpet Wednesday funtimes! All you have to do is post something from a current WIP that somehow correlates to the day’s date (eg. paragraphs, lines, sentences, chapter, etc…). Then hop on over to the linky and leave the details there. Once again, thanks to Kathi at My Random Muse for hosting.

Next on the agenda, the other day I was nominated for the versatileaward1Versatile Blogger award by Marian Allen. While Marian and I have run into each other during the Story a Day in May challenge, this was completely out of the blue and I am totally chuffed. Thank you Marian!

The rules for the Versatile Blogger award are as follows:

  1. Thank and link to the person who gave you the award.
  2. Tell seven facts about yourself.
  3. Pass it on to seven other bloggers.
  4. Link to specific posts on their blogs so they’ll be notified by pingback.

Okay. Seven things about me:

  1. My inner child often makes her way to the surface. I kind of still believe there are fairies at the bottom of my garden.
  2. I tend to talk to myself a lot. Sometimes it’s actually talking to myself, sometimes I’m envisaging conversations I want to have with people. Then sometimes I forget whether I actually told them something or just imagined it, and end up not telling them at all.
  3. I grew up in a town with a population of maybe 300. I had to travel an hour to and from school each day.
  4. I have a BA in Art History and Curatorship. I started doing a Librarianship as well then realised I find museums more interesting than libraries so I’m going to do some more museum studies in a year or so.
  5. My housemate and I have a ragdoll cat named Artemisia (Mizzy for short). She is the most adorable thing, except when she gets bitey.
  6. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, though some of the stories I wrote when I was a kid were basically fan fiction with the names changed.
  7. I’ve had a LiveJournal since I was 13 and since then I’ve been trying to cure my compulsion to sign up for every new thing on the Internet. Speaking of which, I caved and got a Pinterest recently. It’s a bit confusing, though I think that’s more because the website was having a bit of a Moment when I first got on there.

And now 7 Bloggers to pass the baton to, should they choose to accept. Since it’s Wednesday, I’m nominating 7 of my WIPpet Wednesday buddies.  

  1. Kate Sparkes
  2. ReGi McClain
  3. Alana Terry
  4. K. L. Schwengel
  5. Kate Frost
  6. Raewyn Hewitt
  7. Eden Mabee

Now, I have a question for you guys, or more I’m seeking your opinions on something I’ve mostly already decided upon. I thought about this some time ago, and I’m thinking about it again: I want to register a .com domain for my blog. “spaciireth” is tricky to remember if you’re not me and don’t remember which actors I fancied when I was 14 and whose first initials I threw around to come up with some kind of name. Also, I just kind of like the idea of having one, and I’m in a position these days where I can afford an annual fee to do it, so why not?

I don’t understand all these things about mapping one’s blog to one’s domain and such, so it seems to me that the easiest thing to do would just be to go through WordPress for it, because then they would do it all for me. Seems simple enough. The only problem being that if I wanted to use my own name, well, emilywitt.com is unavailable. I could go elsewhere and register emilywitt.com.au or something like that, but as I said, I’d rather not have to figure out the tricky stuff myself (plus, .com.au domains tend to be expensive, and I don’t really want .net).

With that in mind, I was thinking of matching my Twitter handle, which matches my blog title, and going for keysandopenmind.com… I figure it’s reasonably easy to remember, reflects the blog title, which is what a lot of blog URLs do, and you know, maybe if I end up a NYT best-selling author, then I can see about getting a URL with my name in it. Until then, does this make sense and do people think it is an all right idea?

row80As for writing goals, after barely touching AMCF last week, I finally got back into it this week. I’m trying to world-build a bit more, so the opening is quite different now to how it was in the first draft. Cait and Felipe meet in a different context, and for a while I was worried they were too friendly off the bat, but no, Felipe then proved that he is still a bit of a twat early on. Cait’s sister was also there for this meeting in this version, and had a bit of a fangirl moment, which is quite cute. Felipe may be a twat, but he does continue to be good with kids. I think at the start of the story he is something of a big kid himself, he hasn’t really had to grow up at all, and so that’s why he probably gets on with Ginny, who’s eleven, and Cait is quite a bit judgey.

I spent Saturday at the library trying to get the outline for Making Friends of Enemies finished, but that didn’t happen, due to needing to change location halfway through the afternoon and getting a bit distracted by that. Also, I can only write so much with the stylus on my tablet before my wrist gets a bit achey.

As you can see, though, I have managed to keep up with the Story a Day in May challenge, even if some of them have not made much sense, and some have only been 100 words or so. My parents are visiting as of tomorrow, and will be here til Sunday, on top of which I have evening rehearsals for the choir concert taking place on Sunday. I will probably try to keep up with the short stories until then, but might not get much else done til the new week starts.

I’m going to post this now and do a new post later with my story for today. Kate is getting impatient for those of us in earlier time zones to post our WIPpets (:P), and my Story A Day for today may end up being a personal journal entry that I don’t want to share, since I have been having Deep Thinky Thoughts about something since last night. So yes. Catch you all later! 😀

~ Emily

23 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday, #ROW80 and the Versatile Blogger Award

  1. katemsparkes says:

    Wow, that’s a whole lot of stuff!

    -Love the WIPpet, but I do feel sorry for that poor guy. 🙂
    -Thanks for the nomination!
    -katesparkes was unavailable for me on wordpress; that’s why I had to throw my middle initial in there. I think your idea for keysandopenmind works.
    -sorry for pressuring you… I just love WIPpet Wednesdays, and seeing your posts early makes me feel like I’m in the future. Feel free to ignore my pestering in the future. 😀


    • Emily Witt says:

      My Wednesday posts have been rather epic as of late!

      It’s all good, I had most of it written already! It’s my favourite day, too, though sometimes I have to wait til Thursday my time for everyone to have posted. That’s when I start getting impatient!


  2. kathils says:

    Thanks for the award, Emily. 🙂
    Hmmm, I guess on the domain name, I’d go with what you’re known as now. You don’t want to lose followers by confusing them if they come looking and find the *other* Emily Witt. (The nerve!)
    I only feel a little sorry for Felipe at this point. I think he needs to grow up a bit. Of course, it has to be hard being the person other people die for. Seems a great burden. (I do explore that a little in one of my WIPs.)


    • Emily Witt says:

      You’re welcome!

      What makes it more annoying is there’s not even anything at emilywitt.com! *glares at person who nabbed it* But that is a good point about sticking with how I’m known.

      Yeah, Felipe’s definitely still got some growing to do. He keeps getting sulky when his doctors don’t let him do stuff he wants to (heaven forbid they have his best interests in mind!) and there is an event a bit further on which leads to Cait being like, “Dude. Really? Really?” Except more eloquently because it’s rather a dramatic scene and she doesn’t talk like that anyway.


      • kathils says:

        I’m chuckling on the “Dude!” because every now and again I catch one of my characters attempting to respond to something in more modern ways. Then I give them the, “Dude, are you freakin’ serious? You can’t say that.”


  3. Ink and Papyrus says:

    The WIPpet this week was great. Loved the conflict however I think when handling anything like this, you need to be careful that it doesn’t become melodramatic (which it didn’t in the excerpt) 😀 As for the website name, do you have a middle initial you could insert?


    • Emily Witt says:

      It’s a really fine line, isn’t it? I’m glad you say that it doesn’t come across as melodramatic, though it may still get toned down a little in subsequent drafts (even if I really quite like the mug-smashing).
      I do have a middle initial, but it’s an S – do you think people would read it as Emily Switt (which sounds funny, at least to me) or am I just being paranoid)?


      • Ink and Papyrus says:

        If you’re worried about the middle name, why not reverse your names and use wittemily. that sort of makes witty when you say it out loud which is a good thing and at first glance it sort of looks like written. Just some options to consider 😀


  4. Raewyn Hewitt says:

    He already has a wife! What!??! Obviously didn’t marry for love though… Nice WIPpet!

    Funnily enough my gmail is raewynmhewitt because someone else had raewynhewitt. Turns out that person was my husband who’d reserved it for me, but by the time I figured it out everyone was using raewynm… *facepalm* Although prob not very helpful for you.

    Whatever you decide to call your website just shout it out to the world for a while. We’ll find you!


    • Emily Witt says:

      Haha, surprise! I did sort of obscurely reveal it via the story I wrote for May 2 but that’s not officially part of the story. It definitely wasn’t for love, and he’s not overly fond of her, to be honest.

      Oh dear, that story made me giggle a bit! Sweet of him to do that, but! 😀

      Yay! I will do that! 😀


  5. Kate Frost says:

    Whew! That was an epic Wednesday post! I really enjoyed the WIPpet, I think you handled the emotion and drama well.

    The keysandopenmind option makes sense as that’s the name of this blog plus it’s now your twitter name – although having said that having a domain name of emilywitt (or something like that) might make it easier for people to find you if they googled your name…

    I’m really impressed you’ve managed to write a story a day! I’ve not had a chance to read them yet as this last week has been soooo busy but good going. 🙂

    Thanks so much for the award too! 🙂


    • Emily Witt says:

      It did rather get away from me! But it was all important, y’know?! Haha.

      Yeah, I’m still debating the whole name vs title thing… Eden has suggested using my two initials and going with eswitt, which I like more than emilyswitt, so that’s also a possibility. I shall ponder it some more before I launch into anything!

      Yesterday was the first day I didn’t manage it, but I did do other non-WIP-writing, so it counts! If you have a spare moment, feel free to flick through them but if not, no problems!

      You’re welcome! 😀


  6. Eden says:

    I see you also checked about the reserved “Emily Witt” .com…. Since your middle initial is “S”, why not do eswitt.com (similar to Kathi does for her name K.L. Schwengel). It’s easy to type, easy to remember…

    Lovely WIPpet, Emily. Well, not “lovely”,,, more intense. It sounds like Felipe is growing up…. Now he has to find a way to save the next group of good men. 😉

    Hmm, an award… Thanks–I don’t know when (or if) I’ll get to it, but they are a fun way to find some other cool blogs out there, so I’ll do my best.


  7. Alana Terry says:

    keysandopenmind.com sounds good to me. Or you could do your name with a middle initial. I think you’re right though that spaciireth might not work. 😉 Of course now would also be the opportune time to choose something entirely different if you so chose!
    Yes, you certainly have put your baby through a lot. I hope some good things happen to him soon! Nice job showing his reaction. That would be a horrible feeling.


  8. elaine jeremiah says:

    I really enjoyed your WIPpet Wednesday post Emily. You made Felipe’s anger come across really well – we feel his frustration and pain, and also Cait’s inability to console him.


    • Emily Witt says:

      Thanks Elaine! Cait’s out of her comfort zone with this – usually she knows exactly what to say to him, but this is something she doesn’t know how to deal with.


  9. L. Marie says:

    Congrats on this award! And this comes through your writing: “My inner child often makes her way to the surface. I kind of still believe there are fairies at the bottom of my garden.”


    • Emily Witt says:

      You actually have no idea how happy it makes you to have you say that. Our world is so big and complicated and weird, I like finding the magic in it. I find it’s much easier to do that than stress and groan about it.


  10. ReGi McClain says:

    Wow! thank you for the Award!!!

    So… as I was reading, I came up with about five pertinent comments, but I can only remember the one at the moment. One very successful author mentioned that your website should have something to do with your name. So, if emilywitt is unavailable, could you use your initials? Or even AuthorEmilyWitt?


  11. Gloria Weber says:

    Great excerpt. 🙂 I would have gone nuts if I had to travel 1 hour to and from school as a kid. About the website domain name, do what feels right to you. You can always add writer to the front, do initials, do just your last name, or some weird combination if you want to stick with your name. I haven’t gotten a domain name myeslf because l know your pain. “Gloria Weber” is an artist in California and she took the domain name (though, she’s older so I guess she had dibs on it anyways). And about moving in library then getting distracted, I’m the same way! I totally get that.


  12. alberta says:

    can you not use hyphens _ or – between names – I like the initial and surname mentioned – think it should have something to do with your name if you want people other than loyal fans and friend/family to find you – author in fron or behind is good too – all the best with your choices:)


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