#StoryADayMay Day 5 – Wonders of the universe


Day 5

Sarah thought she’d prepared herself for the view of the Earth from outer space, but none of the simulations, none of the hi-res photos, nothing has prepared her for this, for the complete awe she feels the first time glimpses that view. It looks so different from out here amongst the stars, but stunningly perfect, and Sarah can barely turn her eyes away.  It’s not until she receives a nudge from one her colleagues that she’s reminded she actually has a job to do. But she has a feeling she’ll be returning to that spot on the viewing deck many times before this mission is over.


Short and sweet from me today because I accidentally got distracted by the shows that are on after Doctor Who and it’s now past my bedtime, but in honour of it being Doctor Who Day and also the fact that I went to talk today on the sacred geometry of Canberra (the best image I can find to demonstrate it accompanies this article, but there was so much more to it than what is shown there, and my mind just kept getting blown), so I wanted to write something about the amazingness of the universe. I might do a ROW80 check-in tomorrow, or I might just wait til Wednesday. Will see how I feel.

4 thoughts on “#StoryADayMay Day 5 – Wonders of the universe

    • Emily Witt says:

      I am indeed, all though it is distracting me a bit from the bigger writing projects I should be working on. At the moment I’m trying to keep on par with it, but we’ll see, I may get to relying on weekends, too.


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