#StoryADayMay Day 4 – Always Dreaming

Stolen from Tumblr

She didn’t receive a letter to Hogwarts at the age of 11, but she didn’t worry too much because the school system worked differently in her country and maybe she’d have to wait until she was thirteen to learn that she was born with magical abilities. But two years went by and then more (and three more books and six more movies) and she eventually accepted that she wasn’t going to magic school.

She checked at the back of her wardrobe semi-regularly, but there was only wooden paneling there. Any time she came across a rabbit hole under a bush in her back yard, she got on her hands and knees and looked down to see if it went anywhere, but she never fell in and just ended up with a dirty face and hands. Clearly, magical portals were out, too, though for a while she still wondered if a boy who’d lost his shadow would knock on her window one night… or if the goblins would come and take her away RIGHT NOW.

After that, she made up her mind she’d go into law enforcement, and then get selected for a special government agency investigating UFO sitings and alien abductions. But when it came to actually choosing a career, she decided that were too many external factors affecting whether or not this ideal scenario would actually play out, and in the meantime, catching normal human bad guys is both boring and really hard, so she decided to let that one go.

But she’s still somewhat hopeful every time she rounds a corner, that she’s going to see a blue telephone box completely at odds with its surroundings and a man in pinstripes and Converse or maybe one with a tweed jacket and a bowtie is going to step out and tell her to run And her life is never going to be the same. There’s no age limit on this one; anyone can travel through time and space (though given the amount of running required, she hopes he comes reasonably soon) and so she’s not going to let go of this dream any time soon. She’ll keep watching the stars and a part of her will always wonder.


A bit of whimsy for today. It was not my intention to try to imply that Doctor Who trumps basically everything else, but… the “she” referred to in this is basically me (apart from the fact that I never actually watched the X-Files, except for a bit at uni) so… that is kind of what I’m saying. 😛 Though that is not to say that I don’t still adore everything else referred to in the story, as well.

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