#WIPpet Wednesday – Take 1

So I was just perusing Twitter and came across a thing called WIPpet Wednesday, which I thought I might give a go. The rules are simple: just post an excerpt from your WIP that has something to do with the day’s date. Today is the 6th, so it could be six lines, six words, six paragraphs, something from chapter 6, etc…

For my first shot at this, I have selected roughly six lines from page 6 of my WIP (which coincidentally, also works out at approximately 60 words), working title A More Complicated Fairytale (the one that I’m  still looking for some beta readers for if anyone would be interested *puppy dog eyes everyone*). In this scene, the ball held so that the prince can choose a wife has just ended, and the prince and his father are engaging in some friendly banter in front of the guests before they all leave.

Prince Felipe took the jab with good spirits and moved to his father’s side, placing a hand on King Gilles’ shoulder. “Father, I promise I have been on my absolute best behaviour,” he declared, but followed the comment with a wink at the same group of girls as though sharing some sort of intimate secret with them. The girls giggled again.

I’d actually forgotten the scenes like this back at the start; lately I’ve been much more used to Prince Felipe after he’s undergone some character development and isn’t just a playboy anymore so I’m having a bit of a nostalgic ‘nawww’ moment.

The WIPpet Wednesday blog hop can be found here. Come join in if you like the sound of it!

~ Emily


15 thoughts on “#WIPpet Wednesday – Take 1

  1. Raewyn Hewitt says:

    I love going back to see a character at the beginning of the character arc (and I always think Han Solo). Poor King Gilles, I can almost see him despairing the future of the kingdom… And I’m so glad you joined us!


    • Emily says:

      LOL! Funny you should say that, there are quite a few people despairing for the future of the kingdom at this stage… Luckily my MFC convinces him to change his ways.

      Thank you! I am excited! Will definitely be back next week! 🙂


  2. kathils says:

    Thanks for joining us, Emily! Always wonderful to have new WIPpeteers sharing thier work. 🙂 Wonderful piece. Isn’t it amazing when you go back and read from the beginning when you haven’t been there in what seems like ages?


    • Emily says:

      No worries, happy to be a part of it! It really is! I recently read over my NaNoWriMo from 2012 and had the same reactions to that. I think I might have to go back and work on it once I’m finished with this one. 😀


  3. Ink and Papyrus says:

    Welcome to the WIPpet team. I loved your excerpt. I’m always a little surprised my self when I read back the beginning of a characters story arc but it shows good character development 🙂


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