#ROW80 Check-in #3: Genre ponderings, etc

Tomorrow is the 28th of January, four weeks into 2013. In that time, I have written just over 10000 words, an average of 2500 words a week, which is pleasing me to no end. This is not including the two opening scenes that I wrote and then scrapped before hitting on the one that worked, so it might be closer to 12000, actually.

It’s interesting, though, you know how people say don’t try to write outside your genre? I had always thought my genre was urban fantasy/science-fiction and the fact that this story that’s going so well was a romance was really odd to me. Then I was trawling through my FictionPress.com account and realised that two of the best stories I have uploaded on there are romances (one an office romance and another a dramatic, whirlwind romance set in Italy). Perhaps I shouldn’t be so surprised that romance is what comes so easily to me.

I also finally looked up my university dates and discovered that the semester doesn’t actually begin until March 4. Therefore for the next month or so, I’m going to add an extra hour of writing to my goals, since I have entire Saturdays that I’m not doing anything with (not entirely true, but nothing goal-related). My goal is technically currently an hour on Tuesday and  an hour on Friday, but as long as I write a total of 2 hours or 1000-2000 words per week, I’m letting myself cheat by doing twenty minutes here and half an hour there as long as it all adds up. If I throw an extra hour in there to stretch myself, that is all well and good.

Anyway, I started this post at about 3pm and it’s now 9:30 and I’ve kept getting distracted and/or being lazy, so I’ll finish this off and go visit some other check-ins. See y’all soon! 🙂

~ Emily


5 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in #3: Genre ponderings, etc

  1. Shah Wharton says:

    Good for you with that word count, and for realising your potential with another genre. I admit, I’m no romance fan, but it’s seeped into my MS a lot more than I would have ever planned. Odd? But it’s such an important part of a character, such a leveller, revealer. Perhaps that’s why it pops up in places it would otherwise be excluded? Best of luck for the week ahead.


    • Emily says:

      It’s often snuck into my writing in the same way, as a result of characters spending a good deal of time together due to the actual plot. Ironically, though, I HATE actually writing romantic scenes, so when I get to that point, it’ll be interesting to see how I go with something actually in this genre.


  2. alberta says:

    a romance writer eh!:) I can’t do romance to save my life so am trifle envious- you have done well this month must say well done – all the best for this coming week:)


  3. Rebecca J Fleming says:

    I am another who couldn’t generally write romance if my life depended on it, but one of my side projects ended up taking a pretty strong romance direction and oddly enough I have actually got quite a high word count on it. I go back to it sometimes when I’m stuck on my main WiP. But people who say you shouldn’t write outside your genre (or, “write what you know”) amuse me, since if we only stay in the confines of our comfort zone and never seek to explore outside it, how can we grow as writers or as people? Congratulations on your word count 🙂


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