#ROW80 Check-in 1.5: Excitement! :D

So normally I don’t do Wednesday check-ins, but I was quite excited about my progress so far this week and wanted to share. Yesterday, I solved an issue I was having with my WIP, namely that my opening was boring and mundane and too exposition-y. Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen my post where I figured out how to fix it:


Please ignore the typo *blushes*

Now, instead of a couple of pages (it’s not a long story- don’t know if will result in a short story or novella, but either way, a couple of pages was a reasonable amount) of events leading up to them meeting, the opening line is the first line of their first conversation. Now there are just three or four paragraphs filling the reader in on why the two characters have come together in this scene, and off it goes. I wrote about 700 words of my new opening last night, and was pretty pleased with it. I managed to link a scene I had already written to the end of that scene without having to write any filler between them, which worked out well.

Then last night, I was lying in bed, and a scene came to me in which they argue about the nature of their relationship and what other people might think of it (it is something of a begrudging friendship, basically forced upon my main female character, by the prince, who is the main male character). You would think that considering the number of times I have thought of things in bed and not written them down, only to have forgotten them in the morning, I would have written this rather important scene down at the time. No, I didn’t, but luckily I still remembered it when I woke up this morning, and made sure to write it on the bus into work. That was two (handwritten) pages long, and I was pretty pleased to have made that much progress by the time I got to work at 8am.

On my tea break, it occurred to me that another significant scene from the story could actually take place immediately after the one I had just written, so I wrote that… then at lunch time, the scene following that began to write itself… Add to this the fact that I have had the house to myself this evening (housemate is at a concert), so have been able to write with absolutely no distractions, and I have totaled 2330 words for today alone. Not only that, but a lot more of the filler I thought I would have to write is no longer necessary, as these scenes are transitioning from one to the other without any need for it. I hate writing filler (something I sincerely discovered during last year’s NaNoWriMo – that manuscript is full of it!) so this epiphany is a great relief!

Tomorrow evening, I will be spending some time at a write-in with some other locals I met during NaNoWriMo 2012. They’ve had a few of these already but I have been unable to make them due to them clashing with choir. Since choir has not gone back for 2013 yet, I am making the most of tomorrow’s. I’m actually thinking of taking a break from choir after our variety concert in May (as much as my choir mistress will surely object; she is always telling me how much of an asset I am to the choir) so that I can get to some more of these meetings. Alternatively, I can just tell my choir mistress that every second month, I won’t be attending rehearsal on the third Thursday.

Anyway, just wanted to share my excitement about how things are coming together and how I’ve progressed this week. I hope the rest of you are doing just as well on your goals! 🙂 See you Sunday!

~ Emily


14 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in 1.5: Excitement! :D

  1. Kat Morrisey says:

    That is fantastic! I love it when you get that idea and everything just…clicks! I think it might be one of the best feelings in the world (at least, for writers). Congrats on your progress and have have fun at your write-in!


  2. Elise VanCise says:

    That’s great you were able to solve it. It’s so frustrating to have a story you love but the hook doesn’t… well hook 🙂 Sometimes it feels good to get to the meat and cut those boring parts out. I hope it continues to flow easily for you 🙂


    • Emily says:

      Thanks, Elise! I can’t believe it took me so long to solve the problem sooner, considering how I am always talking about starting the story in the middle of a scene to hook the reader. Thanks for stopping by!

      ~ Emily 🙂


  3. John Holton says:

    I saw this adage somewhere: if it’s boring to write, it’s going to be boring to read. You hit the ground in the middle of things and it’s helped keep your momentum going. Way cool… I’ve been learning that myself recently.


    • Emily says:

      That is exactly true! I was just staring at my characters thinking, “Come on, guys, I know you’re more interesting than this! Show me!” And then finally, they did, and it was glorious.


  4. Candice Abraham says:

    I love when you have those writing days when it all just fits together! They don’t seem to come about as often as we’d like, I think, but when they do they almost make all the days of hard writing worth it! Congrats on such an amazing day and I also just have to say I love your website/blog design.


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