#ROW80 Check-in: Rules are made to be broken + Mission101 Check-in

 So technically, when one is participating in NaNoWriMo, one is supposed to start with a fresh, new story on November 1 and write 1667 words a day until November 30. But what if you have your story all ready to go and you’re just itching to start and it’s still only October 17? Well, as I eventually decided, you say “Screw it” and start writing it already. There didn’t seem to be much point of starting something else to placate the writing bug two weeks before NaNo begins, and either way, if I’ve written a novel by the end of the process, that’s kind of what we were going for, right? Basically, I had been really restless the past week or so, telling myself I had to wait for November, but after spending a bit of time in the NaNo Rebels forum, I decided I wasn’t actually doing any harm starting early.

I actually already had about 1500 words of this particular story written; I had intended to write it months ago, and then life got in the way. So last night, I started writing a bit more. Only a few hundred words, and that might be all I write each day leading up to November, but at least I’m writing something. It’s been a while since I’ve done any proper writing; between being busy and being uninspired, I’ve stared at quite a few empty pages lately. But now that’s changing, which is good.

That’s all I have for a ROW80 update, but I did say that I would also keep track of my 101 Things in 1001 Days progress on this blog, and it has been a month since I started that (click on the page at the top of this blog to view the complete list of 101 goals). At first I had thought I had done dismally, but when I actually looked it over, I realised I’ve done okay. Progress is as follows:

16. Read 75 fiction books
I’ve read three in the past month:

  • Locke and Key, Volume 5: Clockworksby Joe Hill (finished 17/09/2012)
  • Road Rage: Two Novellasby Stephen King and Joe Hill (finished 14/10/2012)
  • The Beldam’s Eye by Jennifer Rainey (finished 16/10/2012)

22. Complete a book of puzzles
I’ve bought said book and completed four of five… I am quickly discovering that crosswords are not my forte, but I’m doing okay with some of the other ones.

58. Try 25 new recipes
Already tried two, Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies and Chicken and Chorizo Hotpot. Both were very tasty!

82. Put the books/DVDs I own and am unlikely to (re)read/(re)watch on eBay
I have sorted out which items will be going on eBay, I just have to get around to listing them.

84. Complete NaNoWriMo 2012
See above, as well as previous posts.

As for No. 68, which is to call my grandmother once a month, I failed to do this for September. However, I’m not going to write this off as a fail just yet. I wrote this goal envisioning that there would be a phone line connected to my new house reasonably soon, and that I would be able to call her on that, rather than using my mobile and paying the earth for it. However, the phone and Internet are taking rather longer to be set up than was expected (the estate where I lived only opened in July, pretty much everyone living there is in the same boat), and I don’t actually know when it’ll be set up. So I’m going to adapt this rule to calling my grandmother 30 times, which should work out much the same. Or alternatively, once I have said phone, call her twice a month every now and then to make up for it. Either way.

That is pretty much it for today. I will keep you posted with writing progress, and update my 101 Things again in about a month. Until then! 🙂


6 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-in: Rules are made to be broken + Mission101 Check-in

  1. John Holton says:

    The puzzles I like are the anacrostics, and sudoku. I do crosswords online, since I’m somewhat writing challenged. As for NaNo, I like your attitude. It’s nice to participate in the race and get the “NaNo Winner” badge for your blog, but why wait to start until November 1?


    • Emily says:

      I like anacrostics, too, though I often do not have the patience for sudoku. The NaNo community is definitely fantasic and I really enjoy that aspect of it, but I’m not going to let the rules of it constrain me too much.


  2. Kim Switzer says:

    Sometimes you just have to jump in and start writing. It sounds like you were ready. Glad you’re going for it!

    Your 101 things list is great. I run across that project every once in a while and am so tempted by it! I don’t think I have 101 things to put on my list, though. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures!


    • Emily says:

      Thanks, Kim, me too!

      It was really hard coming up with the full list – I actually stole or adapted a lot from other people’s lists. I will keep you posted. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      ~ Emily


  3. Andi-Roo (@theworld4realz) says:

    I had never heard of the 101 projects thing, so I’m going to go check it out now. This is what I love about visiting people from the #ROW80 check-ins — always learn something new! I love your attitude about the phone situation & Nano… “Rules are Made to Be Broken”… indeed! Also, you have a firm grasp of the POINT of the challenge, which is to make progress in those areas. I’d say you’re right on target! 🙂


    • Emily says:

      That is definitely half the fun of perusing ROW80 entries – I love seeing stuff like this that goes along with the regular check-ins. Definitely look up the 101 Things project, it gets you feeling all motivated! Thanks for stopping by!

      ~ Emily


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