ROW80 Check-in: Ohai, Round 4!

Apparently, the musical you’re doing conveniently falling in the break between two ROW80 rounds does not necessarily mean you will be organised enough to start the second of those rounds on time. Guys and Dolls closed last Saturday (here is a photo of me [on the left, in the waistcoat] with my other gamblers), and once the after party was over on Sunday, I have been steadily recovering from Hell Week, as well as battling the post-show blues by hanging out with Glenn, one of my best friends, who also directed the production, nearly every night. Needless to say, writing hasn’t really had a look-in over the last couple of weeks.

However, the NaNoWriMo website relaunched on Monday, and that threw me into a panic. For so long, I’ve been hanging out for November to come since January, but it was always far-distant and only getting here at a snail’s pace. Suddenly I have a month, and am still struggling to work out some of the finer details of my story. Like, you know, how it ends. I have the general details, such as “they win the war”, but my outline only goes up to a certain point, after which I have no idea what happens. I do have another story fully planned, which I could maybe write instead, but I’m not as interested in it and don’t know if I’d stick it out. Though once I get to a certain point in NaNo, I just keep going because I don’t want to let myself down. So maybe.

I haven’t really thought about any proper goals for this ROW80 round. I’m probably going to mostly spend my writing time trying to figure out what to do for NaNo, subsequently doing NaNo, and then recovering from/editing the NaNo. I will probably try to come up with something a bit more concrete when I’m not running on autopilot quite so much. This post is basically just so I can check-in and say ‘Hi!’ and touch base and stuff like that. Perhaps by Sunday I will have something more constructive to say.


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