Flash Fiction: Everyone Is An Alien

So I wanted to get in on this flash fiction thing. 😛 I have found in the past that I have a tendency to be wordy, so I thought working on some of these would help me practice being succinct. I know that Friday is traditionally the day to post flash fics, but I don’t know if I’ll be anywhere near the Interwebs tomorrow, so for this week at least, Thursday it is. I discovered the Writing Prompts tumblr, and quite liked it, so I’m going to try using the prompts on there, and writing one flash fic a week. The prompt I used this week is:

I have kind of glossed over exactly what the irrefutable evidence is, and just gone with the feelings of this discovery. Click the More tag to read! 🙂


You stand at the door, hand on the knob. You’ve got to go out there some time. You can’t just hole yourself up in the house and pretend like nothing’s happening, even if that is all you want to do right now. You can’t let them know that you know, not just yet. You’ve got to keep pretending like nothing has changed.

But why were you left? Why are you human? Are you still human? If you are, were there others? Where did they go? When were they replaced? Why are you so special that you got to stay? These questions have been swirling around your head all night, and you’ve had barely any sleep, which just makes this new-found information make even less sense.

You tell yourself it doesn’t matter. You’ve still got to go work, earn your wages so you can pay the bills. Your landlady might not be of this earth, but she’s still expecting rent from you next week. You wonder what she looks like… as an alien, that is. Do they actually look the same, or are their human forms some kind of weird costume that does up at the back with a zip?

You take another deep breath and shake your head. It’s ridiculous to keep thinking like this. You’re sure it won’t be too long before fact that you’re aware that you’re the only actual human remaining on Earth (to your knowledge) is out. After that, answers will surely follow. All that you can do for now is face the day and attempt to keep going.

With that burst of steely resolve, you twist the doorknob and step outside, blinking in the sunshine. You’re going to treat this like any other normal day. After all, it might be the last normal day you ever have.


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