#ROW80 Day Early Check-in

Well, I have my computer back, which is lovely, but gosh, have I become lazy. With the lack of computer, I had been handwriting my Camp NaNoWriMo story, and since I don’t hand write as quickly as I type, I got behind. I had grand intentions of using the three day weekend that just passed to catch up, but only wrote a little over 3000 words for the three days. I was running around doing errands and things and wore myself out, but yesterday I was just sitting in front of the TV, watching movies. And playing on Tumblr.

So now I am approximately 4 days, or a little under 7000 words behind (13169 total at time of ceasing writing tonight, rather than 20000, where one aims to be by Day 12). I was a bit upset about this today, but having just compared this to my November stats (that was my first NaNo), it’s not really that different. With that one, I went home for a weekend and didn’t really write for three days. That was on November 9. I wasn’t on par again until November 27. So there is still hope. Lots of it.

The words for this one aren’t coming as easily as they did in November, though. Which has sort of renewed my passion for that story, and I think if I tried, I would be able to get back into editing that one… My friend’s offer of editing it for her editing course still stands, but it would be nice to give her a ‘polished’ second draft, rather than the half-edited first draft I have at the moment. Her classes don’t start til August, so that would give me all of July, and by then perhaps whatever still needs doing on this June novel will be fresher and ready to go.

I saw a really good quote a while ago, in an article or blog post or something I was reading about editing. It was basically talking about how you need to be ruthless and chop out everything that needs chopping out without getting nostalgic or anything, and then said, “No novel was ever too short.” This really hit home for me, since I had been worried about having to cut out large chunks of this particular story. If I want the story to make sense they have to go, but I had been worried about keeping the word count the same. I read this around the same time that I read an amazing book that was only 175 pages long, so I had that proof right there in front of me.

Anyway, this post feels a bit half-finished and cobbled together, but I am writing it at 11:30pm, so I am cutting myself some slack. I shall be off, and see you all after the actual check-in, and stuff. Goodnight! 🙂


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