#ROW80 – *slinks in quietly and sits in the back corner*

Hi, ROW80ers! Long time no see. Well, as mentioned in my last couple of posts, I had two 2500 word reports due on Jan 30th, so writing has gone completely by the wayside the last couple of weeks… I did do a bit of editing on my NaNo manuscript, but even that has been sitting ignored lately… and now that I’ve handed the essays in, I have had no time due to other things, be it dinner with friends, or choir practices or overtime shifts… Plus that feeling of “I just wrote 5000 words I really had no interest in, now I can’t bring myself to write anything” (honestly, the thought makes me feel slightly ill). Hopefully I’ll feel more up to it tomorrow when I actually have an evening free… though that may be spent cleaning my room (that has also been neglected for essays) and catching up on TV shows… I just kind of want some time to be lazy, you know?! I have two movie vouchers that need one more stamp each and then will both be up to the free movie part, so I would like to get to the cinema sometime as well. I want to see Sherlock Holmes again, and the Muppets (the Muppets was glorious), and I also want to see Hugo and the Iron Lady and the Artist kind of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (mostly because Benedict Cumberbatch is in it, is that wrong?).

So. tl;dr: I have done pretty much nothing lately, and would actually not mind if it remained so.

However, if people wanted to give me some prompts for me to use to ease my way back into the writing mindset, I would appreciate it. Even if they’re just basic ones that I might only get 1000 words’ mileage out of. Song lyrics, pictures, scenarios, whatever, all are good. 🙂


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