#ROW80 – I promise to stop talking about Sherlock Holmes at some point

So! I’ve already reached my 1000 words/week goal for the week. It’s amazing what an epic season finale of a TV show can do for your muse. Without giving anything away, the Sherlock series 2 finale reduced me to a sobbing wreck, and I started writing fanfiction as soon as I had (somewhat) recovered (I’m still recovering fully). I’ve now reached 1033 words, though it’s not quite finished yet. I’ll add a link to it on Sunday’s check-in, hopefully I’ll be finished it up by then. I’ve never written any kind of Sherlock Holmes fic before, and I’m a little bit worried that I’ve made him too, well, nice, considering he only just started warming to the other character in the fic in this final episode, but we’ll see what other people think, I guess.

Sad thing is, as involved in this fandom as I am right now, I have an awful tendency to lose interest in fandom when there isn’t any new canon material coming out on a regular basis, and judging by what happened between these two seasons, and the schedules of the two lead actors for the next year, we’re probably going to be waiting quite a while for a series three. So I’ll probably go about three weeks and then get bored.

Anyway, so since I’ve already met my writing goal for this week, I thought I might take my NaNo manuscript to work the next few days and edit that on my lunch break instead of writing or reading. Then I can reach both my goals for this week, which would be most awesome.

In terms of future projects, today two things happened. Firstly, I was feeling in a bit of a funk and missing my living-on-uni-campus days when it was much easier to catch up and hang out with people. Second, I had a strange desire to try writing chick-lit. I’ve no idea why, it’s not my style at all. But anyway. I was thinking, if I did try writing it, I wouldn’t want it to be the normal style, the literary equivalent of a chick-flick, where everyone is good-looking and things are easily solved. Well, maybe the easily-solved bit. But I want to write about nerdy characters! About file-sharing networks that spring up in the colleges (in Australia, the buildings where the students live are the colleges) and everyone working out the time differences between where they are and the countries where their shows air so they can work out when it’ll be available for download. About that guy that I used to see in the library, dressed as the Eleventh Doctor. I never spoke to him but he made me grin. Group grocery shopping and group dinners and being able to just walk out of your room and find someone to chat to, even if it’s just some small talk, and starring in college musicals and having a room over the main door and hearing people staggering back drunk at 3am on Saturday morning. They say write what you know, right?

I’m only 22 and only graduated from my undergrad last July. Should I be having these nostalgia crises just yet?


17 thoughts on “#ROW80 – I promise to stop talking about Sherlock Holmes at some point

  1. kellycautillo says:

    People miss those days when they go home for the summer, so I don’t think the nostalgia part is a bad thing at all.

    Your chick lit idea sounds quite fun to read and reminds me of a cross between Ugly Betty and The Big Bang Theory. xP

    Congrats on working through your targets, and best of luck for the coming week.


  2. Ryan King says:

    I am SOOOOO ready to see Sherlock here in the states. We have to wait till freaking May!! Damn Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey-stuff! *cough* Sorry, was getting my geek on. I apologize. Great job on meeting your word count goal πŸ™‚


    • spaciireth says:

      Ahaha, thanks! And that’s okay. I had to make do with dial-up Internet until 2008, so I understand having to wait (I’m in Australia, we get everything late, too)… since university, though, I’ve, uh, tended to go around these sorts of restrictions.


  3. Veronica Jorden (@RevolutionaryVJ) says:

    I don’t think I could ever complain about someone going on and on about Sherlock Holmes! Congrats on hitting your writing goals!

    I like you’re idea for a twist on chick-lit. The older I get, the less I want to read about some perfect size 2 and her chiseled boyfriend. Give me a real person instead, flaws and quirkiness included .

    And no, nothing wrong with missing the “old days” as long as it doesn’t keep you from enjoying your news ones!

    Happy writing!


    • spaciireth says:

      πŸ˜€ That is good to hear, I think I could go on for quite some time if I allowed myself. πŸ˜€ And thank you πŸ™‚

      Exactly! Neither me nor any of my friends are much like the characters I read about in this genre. Which isn’t always an issue, but it’d be nice to read about more people like us.


  4. Elizabeth Ann West says:

    WRITE IT!!! My debut novel is getting rave reviews as chick-lit from a male POV! That’s right, I told the story from the guy’s POV, and he’s a robotics engineer. Uh-huh. If you want a gratis copy, let me know!

    The chick-lit genre is not dead by any stretch of the imagination, despite traditional publishing trying to say so. The audience are smart, fun men and women who like to see elements of their modern relationships reflected in the fiction they devour. Check out the blogs Chick-Lit Central and Chick Lit is the New Black.

    Nerdy and geeky is hot!


  5. Julie Jordan Scott (@juliejordanscot) says:

    I think nostalgia crises happen constantly. I remember in fifth grade when I longed for elementary school. When my daughter was potty trained I was nostalgic for early babydom. It happens AND… I love the idea of writing for the nerdy types. We are so much more interesting than those usual characters in chit lit/rom coms. Seriously. We have brains!

    Congrats on being AHEAD with your writing goals.

    I bet if I had blogging and online challenges when I was your age my life would have turned out much differently.

    Kudos to you…. and keep ROWING along… great to read you today!


    • spaciireth says:

      I had no idea there were so many challenges out there, I just keep stumbling across more, and having to resist signing up for them all! Maybe one day soon I’ll be writing full time and be able to. πŸ˜€

      Thanks for such a lovely comment! πŸ˜€


  6. showard76 says:

    I don’t think I was even 22 when I first started to feel nostalgic about things – maybe I would have been better stuck in a time-warp in the 80’s, lol and it only gets worse as you get older, all of a sudden it becomes ‘memoir’ material and you wonder – am I really that old!? (I’m only 35 but thinking about the 80’s being so ‘long ago’ makes me feel much older :/ ) Great work on the word count – keep it up πŸ˜€


    • spaciireth says:

      The other day, I pointed out to someone that Disney’s Beauty and the Beast in now 20 years old and she had a moment of, “Oh, that’s right, the 90s are now 20 years ago, not the 80s.”

      Thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚


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