#ROW80 – Just a quick check-in today

I got my Fringe fanfiction written, and it clocked in at 1008 words, so I met my writing goal beautifully for this week. For anyone who watches Fringe and might be interested, it is posted here. I got it up with an hour to spare before the new half of the season went to air.

No editing done this week. Might put that goal on hold until after my uni assignments are finished with. In fact, writing as a whole might have to go on hold until then. I’m never doing a summer course again, I swear, it’s just the wrong time of year and I’m in holiday mode still, despite being at work, and only just scraping passes because of that. Anyway, both papers are due on Jan 30, so once they’re out of the way, I’ll be able to get stuck into things.

Still reading Sherlock Holmes incidentally. It’s all kinds of amazing. I finished A Study in Scarlet the other night and am now about halfway through The Sign of Four. Yay!


9 thoughts on “#ROW80 – Just a quick check-in today

  1. Rebecca J Fleming says:

    Trying to find the time to write while doing uni assignments is a pain in the bum. I guess the most important thing is to do as well as you can on your assignments now and then save your creative energy for when you have time to use it to its full potential, otherwise you could burn yourself out (speaking from experience).

    I hope you enjoy the Sherlock Holmes books, I read them all for the first time last year (just after the brilliant BBC TV series show was on) and loved them 😀


    • spaciireth says:

      It really is! I’m thinking I’ll probably take a couple of days off work so that I have more full days than just the weekend to push them out.

      I am doing much the same thing; the Robert Downey Jr movie and series 2 of the show coinciding with each other made me think I really needed to go back and read the originals, since I love both those new canons so much. It is all glorious.


  2. Stephanie O'Neil (@fakesteph) says:

    I never let school get in the way of what I wanted to do. But I’m out of school now and had to learn to prioritize work. 🙂 Good luck with your papers. It’s been a while since I read Sherlock Holmes, but I might go read one of the stories this week. I always loved them.


    • spaciireth says:

      It was fine when I was studying full time and only had to work two days a week; now that I’ve got to cram in study with full-time work, I just feel like the days are spinning by with no time for anything! Bah. Ah, well, I was the one who wanted the Masters before age 25, so I guess I just have to stick it out.


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