Not So Imaginary – Complete First Draft

So back in 2006 when I was seventeen, I started writing a short story about a girl named Molly Emerson upon whose shoulder lived a fairy named Spurik. This story plodded along for a while, but I grew disillusioned with it when people pointed out a couple of inconsistencies in plot and character and I really didn’t know how to fix it. It sat abandoned on my hard drive for a while until last December I pulled up the file again, and thought, “Hey, this isn’t so bad! It at least deserves to be finished!”

Once I’d finished it (and it didn’t take long, really), I started considering the things that people had said, and thought of ways to remedy the issues. As a result, the second draft is in progress, and about half-done. The main issue that people had was that Shari’s motivations seemed a bit dubious and it wasn’t entirely clear why she was so keen to help Molly and Spurik, so the second half of the new version is going to be fairly different in order to address that, though the first half is essentially still the same.

Anyway, so while I’m working on that, I thought I’d allow people access to the complete first draft and see the final result (the ending has never been posted online before). It’s in PDF form, so do whatever your computer usually requires  to open one of those. 😀

Not So Imaginary (First Draft)


~ Emily


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