Mirror World Conflicts

Okay, so I have in my head two different Mirror World stories… both based on the same idea of there being the other world behind the mirror that is governed by what happens in our world, but… different. There’s the one I posted the plan for in the previous post, and there’s the one under this cut (listen to me use LJ terms on a non-LJ blog). Which one do you guys reckon would work the best? I kinda like this one better, but the other one has more of a chance of going somewhere… Anyways, I’ll let you read and see what you think.

You’re standing in your bedroom, facing the full length mirror at one end of the room. You feel somewhat stupid: surely this isn’t going to work. What made you fork out money for this in the first place? A guided tour of the world on the other side of your Mirror? Whatever. Everyone knows that reflections are all to do with refraction of light or some science-y thing like that. Nonetheless, you continue standing there, feeling like an idiot, but still waiting.

You glance at your watch just as the second hand ticks over to one o’clock, and when you look back up, there is a man standing next to you in the mirror. You instinctively glance to your side, but no one’s there. He’s still next to your reflection though. He smiles good-naturedly and beckons for you to come towards him. You raise one hand tentatively, and move it closer to the mirror. The man nods, and beckons again. You place your fingertips on the mirror’s surface, and they pass straight through it, like passing a spoon through a bowl of jelly. You allow your hand to disappear, and then slowly the rest of your arm. You’re becoming used to the strange sensation now, and the slurping noise that accompanies it, and as such you become more confident. You step into the mirror, allowing your entire body to be enveloped.

You close your eyes, and once through, are not sure whether to open them, scared of what you might see. Theoretically, it should be your bedroom on the other side, but you’re not so sure that’s how it works. You can hear the sounds of other people milling around, as though you’re in a busy foyer. That same slurping noise continues, it appears others are coming through their mirrors in exactly the same way. After a while, though, all the noise stops, and is replaced by a single voice.

“Good afternoon, ladies and gents, and welcome to the world on the Other Side, the world where they drive on the left side of the road in America and the right side in England, the world where you may just run into your own Reflection. Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Realm of Reflection.”

The man in front of you is the same man that beckoned you through the mirror. Now he’s standing on a podium in front of you and the group of people you’re in amongst. You allow your eyes to wander around; the room you’re in looks similar to any other travel agency, a reception desk with three people working behind it and above it a neon sign that says “Mirror Tours.”

“My name is Nimajneb, on account of my Reflector’s name being Benjamin, but you can call me Neb. I will be your tour guide this afternoon and can I thank you all for choosing Mirror Tours today.” Neb speaks with a Cockney accent. You assume that continents and countries are set up in the Realm of Reflection the same way they are on your side, and wonder what an English boy is doing all the way over here. You don’t let these thoughts consume you too much, though, because he’s continuing to talk. “How were your Crossings, by the way? All right? Good to hear. Some people are a little put off by the whole mirror-turning-to-jelly thing and the slurping noise, it makes people a bit queasy… a few of us have tried convincing Upper Management to work on a nicer sound effect, but then, who listens to us?

“Anyway, everyone, just before we begin, a bit of background information on the Realm is different from your own world:

“As you can imagine, our lives are sort of governed by yours. Reflecting, with a capital R, is the only source of income in our world. Stuff like, say, tour guiding, doesn’t actually pay anything, it’s more just a case of ‘Well, someone has to do it.’ If I hold this up” – he holds up a small mirror – “this is what I use to do my Reflecting, and you’ll see the button on the handle. Whenever I’m Reflecting my Reflector, I hold down this button, and release it when he’s done admiring himself. This then electronically sends a message to my bank balance and I’m topped up that way. A bit like… Internet banking in your world, you might say. It’s a little hard to find an analogy you Other Side folks can easily understand.”


That’s all I got around to writing when I was planning on using it for last year’s UniPub contest… go compare to the plans for the other version of the story, see which you like better. Comments on how to improve either are also welcome. 😀


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